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Home Blog: 4 Fluids You Need To Maintain To Keep Your Car In Shape!

Remembering to regularly check up on your car’s fluids will help factor towards a longer vehicle life, and making sure that all the fluids listed below are topped up will help your car’s overall performance.

If you’re ever confused, always refer to your owner’s manual to see how to check your fluid levels and where to add more, if necessary.


To check your engine oil, pop open the bonnet of your car (the lever is normally by the steering column) Then find the dipstick in the oil tank, it should be close to the front of the engine, near you. Look for the rod with a hoop.

Pull out the dipstick, wipe it with clean, then dip it all the way back into the oil tank. Pull it back out and see where the oil line is.

There should be a notch on the dipstick to show you where a safe oil level should be. If it’s low, check the cap or your car manual for the type of oil you should use and then add some yourself (but don’t overdo it!)

2. Brake Fluid

Your brake fluid adds power to your braking and keeps you from driving into other vehicles (Clean off the outside before you open the tank, as any dirt in the fluid can be dangerous in your system.)

Open the reservoir, look inside to see where the fluid level is. It should be within about a half-inch from the top. If it isn’t, check your manual to see what kind of fluid you should add.

If the fluid looks dark in colour, get a mechanic to take a look and replace it.

3. Radiator Fluid

Radiator Fluid keeps your engine from overheating, the radiator contents are pressurised, so never remove the cap when the engine is hot or running. Open it carefully with a rag, and look into the radiator to see if you can see the fluid. If you can’t see it near the top, then you’ll need to add more.

4. Washer Fluid

Most cars have washer fluid tanks with a label on the cap that looks like this:

If you cannot see inside your washer fluid tank, gently top it up using washer fluid that’s formulated to handle bugs and grime.

Then test your window wipers to make sure the fluid is being pulled through and cleaning your windows.

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