5 Land Rover Performance Upgrades That Actually Work

If you want to get the best from your Land Rover, there is lots you can do to optimise your vehicle’s performance. It’s amazing how much extra power and efficiency you can unlock by following these 5 effective Land Rover performance upgrades.

1. Regular services

It’s a basic requirement for optimum performance, but one that we can’t emphasise enough – ensure that your Land Rover is serviced and maintained properly and regularly, and you’ll spot problems before they become serious. Before considering other Land Rover performance upgrades, we recommend a service every six months to make sure everything is in tip-top condition and working smoothly. Between services you can look after your Land Rover by regularly checking oil, water and other fluid levels, keeping tyre pressures correct and cleaning it when needed (especially after a muddy off-road trip!)

2. Remapping the Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Updating or remapping your Land Rover involves upgrading the software on your Land Rover’s computerised ECU to enhance engine performance and improve fuel efficiency. When carried out by a Land Rover specialist this is one of the most exceptionally effective Land Rover performance upgrades you can make. It’ll help you make the most of your vehicle’s capabilities – you’ll certainly notice the difference in power and performance after an update.

3. Change your silicone turbo hoses, intercooler and turbocharger

If you’re looking for extra power, upgrading the turbocharger, along with the turbo hoses and intercooler (which cools the air from the turbocharger) is a great place to start.  Your turbocharger is a vital component that gives more power to your engine – so when upgraded it can make a real difference to engine performance.

4. Check your suspension

In an off-road vehicle like the Land Rover, the suspension is all-important. If you enjoy getting out into adventurous terrain but are keen to keep bumpy rides to a minimum, upgrading your suspension could be the key to a smoother driving experience. Checking the anti-roll bar bushes every six months and replacing them when they are worn will ensure a comfortable drive – wherever your Land Rover takes you.

5. Correct your wheel alignment

Do you have wonky wheels? If you do a lot of driving over uneven terrain, a jolt to your vehicle could knock your wheel alignment out. This doesn’t just make it more difficult to drive – incorrect wheel alignment can lead to higher fuel consumption and wear out your tyres more quickly. Here at Broadfields we offer 4-wheel laser alignment for your Land Rover, to keep your vehicle safe, improve fuel economy and minimise wear to your tyres.

Now that you know which Land Rover performance upgrades will give you the power and efficiency you’re looking for, you’ll be keen to get going as soon as you can. We understand that long lead times can be frustrating, and that’s why we will usually provide an appointment for your Land Rover within the week. And once it’s booked, you can rely on us – we won’t cancel or change your appointment at short notice. Call us today on 01371 872 940 to book an appointment.

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