5 Range Rover tips and tricks you didn’t know

Have you discovered all the special features in your Range Rover? There might still be some you don’t know about which could improve your everyday experience and help you get more out of your vehicle. Read on to discover our top 5 Range Rover tips and tricks! 

1. Download the Range Rover App

Despite sounding like an obvious place to start, the range rover app contains an easy to access handbook so you can quickly check if you come across any new buttons or need reminding how anything works while you’re on the go. 

2. Download the Land Rover Remote App

Alternatively, if you have a Land Rover, the remote app is a great way of managing your vehicle when you are on the go. You can lock your car remotely from the app, giving you reassurance and prioritising your security. 

The app also allows you to track your vehicle’s last parked location. Great for when you have parked in a large, busy car park, or have concerns about your vehicle’s security. The app can also tell you how much fuel you have left so you can factor this into your upcoming journeys. 

Our final favourite feature of the app is how simple it makes it to track mileage. The app creates excel spreadsheets of your journeys which are easily exportable. This is ideal for anyone who travels for business and needs to log their journeys.

5 Range Rover tips and tricks you didn't know | Land Rover Specialist | Range Rover Specialist | Land Rover Service in Essed and Hertfordshire

3. Double lock your range rover from the keypad

Another easy way to secure your vehicle is from the keypad. Simply press down on the lock button twice to double lock your car. This is great for guaranteeing the security of your car and preventing theft. 

When your car is double-locked you cannot even unlock it from the inside, which means that even if a window is broken your car is still very hard to break into. 

4. Set off a panic alarm from the keypad 

By using the keypad you can also set off a panic alarm to use in emergencies. To trigger this simply press the hazard button three times on your keypad. This will cause your car’s lights to flash and the horn to beep. After 5 seconds this can also be turned off with the keypad. 

This easy to use alarm system is a great feature that many drivers are unaware of and is a simple way to prioritise your safety and car’s security. 

5. Close the car windows remotely

We have all walked away from our cars and then looked back to see an open window. The range rover has a simple feature on the keypad to save you the hassle of jogging back to your car. Simply press the lock button down on the keypad for three seconds to close all the windows of your car. 

This feature is particularly practical when you are in a rush or have children who like to ride with the windows open. 

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We hope these simple and undiscovered tricks improve your everyday journeys and help you use your vehicle more efficiently. 

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