A Land Rover Model Comparison: The Defender and the Discovery

At Broadfields, we know a thing or two about Land Rovers, which is why our customers ask us to help them make the right choice for their motoring needs. Here are 5 pointers we’ve used for our Land Rover model comparison – the Defender and the Discovery. 

1. A bit of background

Land Rover has been producing Defenders since 1943 (although they weren’t officially named The Defender until the Discovery was launched in 1990). The Defender is the quintessential 4 x 4 – the classic, jeep-style vehicle seen with a ruddy-faced farmer behind the wheel ploughing through muddy fields or traversing rocky terrain. 

The Discovery has an iconic profile and stance too, however the bold, sleek styling gives this 4 x 4 a much more contemporary look and feel. 

2. What’s to love?

The Defender can carry an amazing 1000kg load and has a huge rear cargo area and excellent fuel economy off road; even with a full cargo the Defender beats the Discovery hands down. On the open road the Discovery beats the Defender with more efficient extra-urban fuel consumption.

The Discovery has a smaller rear cargo area and can only carry a 750kg load, however as every Discovery comes with seven proper seats; even the extra row provides reasonable legroom and there’s still space for luggage. The split-folding, lipless tailgate provides easy access and loading into the boot, as heavy items can simply be slid in. We also love the tailgate for sitting on to pull wellies on and off and the top half of the boot provides protection from the elements too. 

3. Running costs

The Land Rover model comparison for fuel efficiency in both the Defender and the Discovery models produced after 2007 show they are broadly comparable with the CO2 emissions, vehicle tax and cost per mile in a similar range.

In January 2016, production of the Land Rover Defender ceased but as two million cars were manufactured over nearly 70 years, there will always be an opportunity to pick up a classic and we at Broadfields can provide performance and fuel economy upgrades to minimise your running costs if necessary.

4. Who’s it for?

The Defender is very popular with serious off roaders. The simple design and sturdy body are useful if you wish to drill holes and make modifications without fear of damaging any electrics.

The Discovery is a great choice for families with plenty of room for luggage, the kids can clamber in through the tailgate and Mum and Dad enjoy the sleek styling and luxury look. 

5. How does it handle?

The driving experience and rugged handling is one of the pros of the Defender for Land Rover enthusiasts but it is not for everyone.

For safety, urban handling, sophistication, relaxation, maneuverability, speed and the ability to seat seven, the Discovery is the sensible choice but we’ll always have a place in our hearts for the Defender.

So, there you have it – a Land Rover model comparison. But whether you chose the Defender or the Discovery, if your Land Rover is in need of an MOT test or service, we’d be happy to help. Simply, contact us for more information.

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