Are Land Rovers environmentally friendly?

If, like many Land Rover owners, you are passionate about the great outdoors, protecting our planet is probably a priority for you. But 4x4s like the Land Rover tend to have a gas-guzzling reputation. Let’s take a look at how they fare in terms of sustainability and CO2 emissions.


Something the Land Rover has in its favour is its longevity. A tough and robust vehicle built to last, the Land Rover is a stranger to built-in obsolescence, and it’s said that up to 66% of all Land Rover Defenders ever built are still being driven today. If loyal Landie owners stick with their vehicles and don’t buy a second car, that’s a lot of energy saved in car manufacture, not to mention the waste that is saved from landfill.

But is it necessarily good for the environment to drive an older vehicle? New cars are endowed with the technology to reduce fuel consumption, so they might seem a more environmentally friendly choice. The calculations are complicated, but one carbon footprint expert claims that sticking with your older car is overall the best option for the planet.

CO2 emissions

If you do choose to buy a newer car, today’s Land Rovers actually have plenty of green credentials. Manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is working to reduce the amount of carbon produced, not only by the cars themselves when driven, but also during the entire production process. Their newest production centre features solar generators, which significantly reduce its carbon footprint, and care is taken at every step of production, from the supply chain to delivery, to lower the impact on the environment.

In terms of driving, the latest Land Rover models are built from lightweight aluminium, which requires less fuel to move, and according to official sources, the operational carbon emissions for each individual vehicle are down by 21% since 2007. If you want your Land Rover to be environmentally friendly, you could opt for a new Land Rover plug-in hybrid vehicle, with carbon emissions as low as 64g per kilometre.

Want to know more about Land Rover emissions? Read our guide to car emissions here.

What you can do

It may surprise you to learn that Land Rovers environmentally friendliness is partly down to you! The way you treat your Land Rover can have an impact on its carbon footprint, so if you want to be more environmentally friendly, as well as saving money on petrol or diesel, there are steps you can take to reduce emissions.

Don’t carry extra weight! If you’ve just returned from a road trip, make sure you empty your Land Rover of all that equipment and take off the roof rack. This will lessen the amount of fuel required to get you from A to B.

Keep your Land Rover in good condition with the tyres fully inflated, and get it serviced regularly. This will ensure that it’s working energy efficiently by not wasting fuel.

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