Camping With Your Land Rover

Summer’s here, and it’s the perfect time to set off on a camping adventure. Just pack up your gear and you’re ready to go!

Follow these tips to get the best from your Land Rover camping expedition.

Store your stuff

Most Land Rover interiors are roomy, but if you have a lot of equipment you might need extra storage space. Add a roof rack, or use an external roof storage box, which should be big enough to hold your tent plus other accessories.

Go off the beaten track

The off-road capabilities of the Land Rover make it ideal for discovering new places, and armed with a tent and cooking stove, you’re free to explore the countryside and set up camp. If you’re eager to go wild camping, just make sure you’re legally entitled to stop on your chosen patch of land. Tread lightly and be considerate by taking your rubbish with you, being mindful of fire safety and leaving the land as you found it.

Land rover in a forest for a camping trip

Bring a bike

Your off-road journey isn’t limited to a 4×4. If you’re a keen cyclist, take your bike on the road with a roof-mounted bike carrier or fix it to your towbar. Check out the official Land Rover camping gear for all you need to carry your bike wherever you go.

Don’t bother with a tent

Don’t have a tent? Why not transform your Land Rover into a motorhome? With a roomy interior and comfy seats, we can think of worse places to spend a night. If you’re wondering how to camp with your Land Rover and get the best night’s sleep, the D-Box could provide the perfect solution. It even has built-in cooking facilities!

Keep it clean

The best hikes are often the muddiest! When you’re camping out, keeping everything clean can be an issue, so use a tarpaulin or other interior protection to guard your loadspace from mud and dirt. Depending on how long you’re planning to stay away, it could make all the difference to your comfort on the trip.

Know where you’re heading

Part of the adventure is to explore new places, but it’s important to have a general idea of whereabouts you’re travelling to. Get excited about your trip by spreading out a map and planning where you’ll go, and taking note of any useful facilities en route. Take advantage of the GPS system in your Land Rover but remember that in remote areas you may not always get satellite coverage. So bring along a map and compass, too.

Be prepared

On a camping holiday, it’s just you and your Land Rover against the world. You can’t just pop home if you need something. Unexpected weather conditions, lack of mobile phone signal and vital items missing from your backpack all have the potential to ruin what would otherwise be a fantastic trip away, so make a checklist to ensure that you’re prepared for anything. You should also consider getting your Land Rover serviced before embarking on a long journey to avoid any mechanical glitches.

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