Celebrating 70 Years of Land Rover

2018 is a special year for the creators of the Land Rover. Seventy years since the first Series I model made its debut, the iconic design classic is still as fresh, relevant and pioneering as it was all those decades ago.

As you’d expect, the anniversary won’t go unmarked: read on to find out how Land Rover are celebrating 70 years of innovation, capability and good looks.

How it all began

Appropriately for an all-terrain vehicle, Land Rover’s history begins with a sketch in the sand: on a beach in Anglesey in 1947, engineer Maurice Wilks first outlined his vision of a new and revolutionary car. The following year, at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show, the Rover Company’s brand-new Land Rover made its debut. With various updates and additions along the way, the rest is history: welcomed with open arms by farmers and the Army, the Land Rover’s unprecedented off-road capability ensured its instant commercial success.

Design through the decades

Seventy years is a literal lifetime; in car years, the history of Land Rover stretches back to another era entirely. So it’s amazing how little the basic Land Rover design has changed over that time, while remaining relevant and desirable into the 21st century.

Older green model of Land Rover

The Defender was produced continuously for 68 years, with just a few tweaks and updates here and there. Along the way, the Range Rover added comfort and luxury to the brand’s signature robust practicality, opening up the joys of Land Rover to a new customer base.

The Land Rover Discovery, launched in 1989, is a desirable, luxury SUV that’s equally at home on the school run or an off-road adventure. It’s no surprise that Land Rover has had its share of celebrity fans over the years.

Marking the anniversary

Did you shed a tear for the end of the Defender when it ceased production back in 2016? Good news – it’s back, albeit temporarily. The limited edition Defender Works V8, launched to celebrate the anniversary, is a critically lauded, upgraded model, re-engineered from existing Defenders. It successfully blends classic and modern design features, emphasising just how relevant the Land Rover still is in 2018.

The celebrations don’t end there. In a tribute to its creator’s original sketch, the shape of a giant Defender was outlined in the snow in the French Alps on “World Land Rover Day”, 30 April. This was 70 years to the day since the Amsterdam Motor Show where the first Land Rover was unveiled.

And if you missed it, a 70th Anniversary Broadcast, which went out the same day, is still available to watch on the Land Rover website.

Treat your Land Rover to a service

What better way to mark this milestone than to give your own Land Rover some tender loving care?

Book yours in for a service or why not give it a bit of a boost? From window tints to performance upgrades, choose from our range of Land Rover services, all performed by specialists who know the vehicle inside out.

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