Declaring Your Vehicle SORN During Lockdown

Under the UK’s lockdown guidelines, only essential travel is permitted. This includes travelling for essential items or medication and for key workers commuting to work. With this in mind, many people are in a position where they no longer need to use their car. Find out more about the process of declaring your car SORN during lockdown.

What is SORN?

A SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) means declaring your car as off the road.

How do I SORN my vehicle?

Registering for a SORN is a quick process and can be done online, over the phone or by post. You can also choose when you’d like your SORN to start from, either immediately or on the first day of the next month. Have your 11-digit number from your V5C to declare SORN immediately, or your 16-digital number from your V11 to SORN your car from the next month.

For more information, visit GOV.UK.

How long does a SORN last?

A SORN does not need to be renewed; it can last for weeks, months or even years. Until you tax your car again, your car will remain SORN indefinitely.

Declaring your vehicle SORN during lockdown

During lockdown, many people have found themselves in a position where they are no longer using their car and so, they have declared their car as SORN. The DVLA saw SORN requests double to over 500,000 between February and March this year.

If you are not using your car at all during lockdown, registering for SORN is a free process and will save you money on insurance and tax. You’ll get a refund for any full months of remaining tax.

Declaring your car as SORN will also save you money on fuel, and in the long term, the reduction of wear and tear to your car by not driving may help to save you money on repairs and maintenance costs further down the line.

However, it is crucial that you only declare your car as SORN if you won’t be driving your car at all, no matter how short the journey. It is illegal to drive a car with SORN and you could be fined up to £2,500. You should only use your vehicle on the road when it has been taxed and insured again.

Once SORN is made, you must also keep your vehicle on your driveway, in your garage or on private land. Your car must not be parked on the road after SORN is declared.

Remember that even if your car isn’t being used and it has not been made SORN, it must be insured. This can lead to further fines.

For more information about declaring your car SORN during lockdown, visit GOV.UK. Alternatively, for more advice take a look at our blogs on keeping your car clean and coronavirus free and maintaining your car during lockdown.

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