Do I Need to Service my Land Rover at a Dealership?

Your Land Rover may be due a service soon or you may require a repair to your car. But with considerations including the dealership from which you bought your car being far away, inconvenient to get to or far more expensive, you may find yourself wondering if you really need to service your vehicle at the dealership in order to keep your warranty valid.

In short, the answer to this question is no…

The Block Exemption Regulation

The Block Exemption Regulation is a European Commission law which states that vehicle owners can have their vehicle serviced or repaired in any chosen workshop without invalidating their manufacturer’s warranty.

Many people are still unaware of this regulation, however, since October 2003, having this law in place means that vehicle owners, like yourself, have more freedom when deciding who to go to when their car needs a service or repair. This added flexibility means that you can reduce the amount spent on a service as you can access the lower, competitive prices of independent garages. This is also more convenient as you can now use your local dealer.

Document all services and repairs

Whilst this law is in place, it is important that you document any maintenance, services and repairs that are carried out on your Land Rover.

If any problems or questions arise, a dealership can quite easily claim that no work was performed if you have no record of it. Therefore, you should ensure that you document any work as a precaution to prove that services have been performed to keep your warranty valid.

Choose Broadfields Garage…

At Broadfields Garage, we have over 15 years’ experience maintaining and servicing Land Rovers. We offer a range of services following Land Rover’s procedures and understand that a regular, high quality, rigorous Land Rover service is crucial in order to ensure the smooth running of your Land Rover.

We also only use genuine Land Rover parts and accessories to guarantee exceptional quality and durability. All of our parts come with a 12-month warranty so you can feel confident that your vehicle is fully maintained to deliver maximum durability and performance.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to book your service for competitive prices.

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