How to Drive Your Land Rover in Snow

Picture the scene: a pristine winter landscape, inches deep in snow. There’s plenty to explore from the comfort and warmth of your hardy Land Rover. If you’re longing for the snow to fall and eager to rev up for a wintry ride, first check out our top tips for driving your Land Rover in snow.

Keep it steady.

Don’t be tempted to go too fast – it’s better not to do a lot of accelerating and slowing down when driving in deep snow, as this could make you skid or lose control. Remember also that hidden obstacles may be lurking underneath the snow! So it’s important to drive at a steady speed in order to keep control of your vehicle at all times. If you’re approaching a hill, plan ahead and speed up slowly, using steady momentum to give yourself a boost so that you don’t need to rely so much on tyre traction as you climb.

Use the highest gears for the conditions. 

Don’t go too low with your gears when driving in snow, as lower gears can cause wheel spin. That’s because your tyres won’t have enough traction on snowy surfaces. In modern Land Rovers, the Terrain Response system can be set to “Snow”, which will automatically select the best settings for driving in snow.

In a spin?

If the wheels do start to spin while you are driving in snow, let the tyres slow down by easing off the accelerator, so that you can regain traction. Then use the highest gear you can to move off once again. Always keep emergency supplies in your vehicle just in case the worst happens and you get stuck. A warm drink and a blanket will keep you comfortable in the cold weather.

Keep up the pressure.

Tyre pressure is important to maintain stability. Some people believe that lowering the tyre pressure will help you gain traction in snowy conditions– however, this is a myth. Always make sure you stick to the recommended tyre pressure for your Land Rover.

Tread carefully.

Are your tyres up to scratch? Before setting off, it’s important to check your tyres, as the cold and wet weather conditions mean you’ll need to maintain a good grip so that you don’t slip and slide on the snow. It’s recommended in winter conditions to have at least 4mm of tyre tread. So if you’re going to be doing a lot of driving in snowy conditions it might be a good idea to invest in winter tyres, which have more grip than regular ones.

Before you set off on a snowy drive, why not bring your Land Rover for a winter check? Here at Broadfields, we offer a friendly and personalised service. Our independent garage goes the extra mile for all our Land Rover customers. We’ll check that everything is in tip top condition and answer any questions you may have about driving in snow. Contact us to book an appointment.

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