Famous Land Rover Owners

Do you drive a Land Rover? If so, you’re in good company; it’s a classic car favoured by a glittering selection of A-list celebrities. Find out which famous drivers share your good taste!

Her Majesty the Queen

At Number One, it’s got to be the monarch herself; Elizabeth II is famous for owning an impressive collection of Land Rover Defenders. A driver and mechanic during the Second World War, the Queen is still driving at over 90 years old – despite not having a driving licence! (Don’t try this at home – Her Majesty is the only person in Britain who isn’t required to hold one).

Daniel Craig

Hollywood heartthrob Daniel Craig and Land Rover vehicles have both had starring roles in Bond films. Behind the scenes, Mr Craig is said to be a Land Rover aficionado, but he also has a philanthropic streak. In exchange for promoting Land Rover’s 2013 Range Rover Sport, Craig was given four sturdy Land Rovers for the charity S.A.F.E., of which he is patron.

Victoria Beckham

The Range Rover is definitely a ‘posh’ choice of car. And it doesn’t get posher than Victoria Beckham, who recently caused controversy by claiming to have designed the 2012 Range Rover Evoque VB. Beckham did have a part to play in deciding on the colour and other details of the limited edition model, which bears her initials, but to describe this as ‘designing’ a vehicle was perhaps a stretch. There are no hard feelings, however: VB is still ‘part of the Land Rover family’, although she sold her Range Rover Evoque with just 1,400 miles on the clock.

Reese Witherspoon

Actress and producer Reese Witherspoon is the owner of both a Range Rover Sport and a metallic black Land Rover LR4. She’s been snapped driving both vehicles, which are perhaps a practical choice for ferrying around her family. However, she doesn’t seem to be an exclusive Land Rover lover; her Land Rover and Range Rover are just two models of many in the Big Little Lies star’s extensive car collection.

Ben Fogle

Known for his love of the great outdoors, Ben Fogle shot to fame after appearing in the BBC social experiment and reality show Castaway in 2000. Since then, he’s presented a host of wildlife documentaries and taken part in a series of sporting adventures, but it’s his latest foray into writing that caught our attention. His bestselling 2016 title, Land Rover: The Story of the Car that Conquered the World reflects his love affair with everyone’s favourite 4×4.

Winston Churchill

Today’s celebrity Land Rover owners often go for top-of-the-range, modern, hi-tech models. Sir Winston Churchill’s old Series 1 Land Rover is firmly old-school. A modified model that featured a heated footwell, the former Prime Minister’s vintage Land Rover was presented to him on his 80th birthday (registration number UKE 80) and clocked up 12,900 miles driving him around his 300-acre estate. In storage for decades, the vehicle was put up for auction in 2012 and sold for a record-breaking £129,000.

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