How to Avoid Land Rover Defender Problems

Here at Broadfields, we love the Land Rover Defender. Robust and long-lived, it’s a vehicle that will reward you with years of adventure, just as long as it receives a little care and attention in return. So, in order to get the best out of your Defender and keep it on the road for years to come, here’s how to maintain your vehicle and avoid Land Rover Defender problems.

Regular services

Take your Land Rover Defender for a service at least once a year to keep it in tip-top condition. A regular servicing schedule will ensure that any problems are spotted quickly and can be repaired before the damage spreads. We recommend visiting a specialist Land Rover garage to service your Defender. Land Rover engineers have the training and experience to detect any model-specific issues and take care of them. Here’s what you can expect from a Land Rover service:

  • Extensive checks with the latest diagnostic equipment, including a rigorous safety check
  • Replacement fluids: oil and oil filter change, brake fluid top-up, engine coolant top-up
  • Air filter change
  • Spark plugs replaced and electronic tune-up

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask advice on caring for your Land Rover Defender.

Protect from corrosion

One of the most common Land Rover Defender problems is rust, caused by corrosion to the steel chassis and bulkhead. Many Defenders are exposed to mud and moisture on a regular basis, so it’s very important to ensure that your model is not vulnerable to corrosion.

  • Don’t let the mud build up. Mud-encrusted Defenders are liable to rust a lot more quickly! Give it a power wash on a regular basis to keep it clean.
  • Consider painting or spraying vulnerable areas with a rustproofing treatment such as Waxoyl.
  • Having your Defender serviced regularly will ensure that any corrosion problems are spotted quickly.

Check the tyres

Stay safe and reduce the chances of an accident by ensuring that you always have the appropriate tyres fitted, whether for regular road use or venturing off the road.

Know your model

Understanding the particular quirks of your model will help you to spot any Land Rover Defender problems before they progress.

  • If possible, keep service history records and other documentation at hand, and make a note of any issues that have occurred before.
  • If it interests you, go online. Internet communities can be a great place to research car maintenance and chat about your specific Land Rover Defender problems.
  • Make friends with your mechanic. A Land Rover specialist will always be happy to discuss any issues you’re having with your Defender.

Keep it clean

As we’ve seen, regular cleaning can help to prevent corrosion, and it also helps foster respect and pride in your Land Rover Defender. Taking that extra bit of care on a regular basis is part of the joy of owning a Land Rover.

  • Clean inside and out. Treat the leather with an appropriate leather preservative once or twice a year.
  • When washing your Defender, be sure to use a soap designed for cars, rather than a regular household soap.

So, there you have it; all the information you need to avoid Land Rover Defender problems and enjoy your time on and off the road. To book a service for your Land Rover Defender, just contact us on 01371 872 940.

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