How to Fit a Roof Rack to Your Land Rover Defender

Planning a winter break? Whether you’re cramming the car with family members or looking for space to keep your skis, a roof rack can provide ample extra storage to meet your needs. Here we’ll explain how to fit a roof rack to your Defender.

1.    Choose your roof rack

If you’re looking for a Land Rover Defender roof rack, there are a few available to choose from. We recommend an Expedition roof rack suitable for 4x4s, which is mounted onto the rain gutters on the top of your Defender.

2.    Find some friends

A roof rack for a Land Rover is pretty big, so this is at least a 2-person job – don’t attempt to do it on your own. If there are more people available, rope them in! Make sure you have enough room to work with, leaving space all around the vehicle for you to work.

3.    Lift the roof rack onto the Defender

It’s time to lift your Land Rover roof rails and fix them in place. You can do this by hand or use additional technology if you are so inclined. Some Land Rover owners have been known to construct a pulley system to help raise the roof rack to the desired height – and this has the additional benefit of allowing you to store it overhead in your garage when not in use! Whatever your chosen method, take care not to scratch the paintwork.

4.    Get in position

You can buy special access ladders to help you to reach the roof, or simply climb onto the bonnet. However you position yourself, take care and don’t take risks (you want to be in tip top condition for your trip away!)

5.    Fix it in place

You should find that there are four spaces on each side of the Defender, where you need to fix and tighten the clamps using a spanner. (Always refer to your roof rack manual for instructions specific to your particular model – you might find that it has a useful diagram, or specifies a particular size of nut).

The best way to fix the clamps is to tighten opposite ones first, before working around the vehicle to fill in the rest. That way you’ll ensure that the roof rack is fitted evenly, and place less stress on the roof of your Defender.

6.    Add your stuff

Now that your roof rack is firmly secured, it’s time to attach your load. For miscellaneous, smaller items of luggage, a purpose-designed roof box is the easiest way to keep everything safe and contained. Larger items, such as bikes, skis or camping equipment, will need to be attached more carefully, bearing in mind that the maximum recommended load weight is 75kg. Ratchet straps need to be affixed with care, or you may lose your luggage en route! Don’t over-tighten them, as this could put too much pressure on the straps.

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