How to Get Your Land Rover Ready for Winter 2020

The countdown to winter is on. As we move into September, it’s time to think about preparing your Land Rover for driving this winter and there are a few minor maintenance tasks that may save you from running into any trouble.

Get your Land Rover serviced

Getting your Land Rover serviced as we move into winter will ensure your car is in excellent condition and ready for the colder months. Book your vehicle in for a service towards the end of autumn to give you peace of mind.

Carry winter essentials

It is important to carry a winter essential kit in the boot of your car in case of an emergency, such as your car breaking down late at night. You should carry with you:

  • A torch – for the short daytime hours and dark nights
  • A warm coat or blanket – to help keep you warm if your car has broken down
  • A hi-vis jacket – if you’ve broken down at the side of a busy road
  • A small first aid kit – in case of emergencies

It’s also a good idea to carry a de-icer and a windscreen scraper for those frosty, icy mornings.

Check your lights

Your Land Rover’s exterior lights are particularly important during the darker, winter months. Shorter days mean that there’s an increased chance you’ll be driving in the dark for longer periods and faced with poor weather conditions. This also means you’re more likely to be subject to reduced visibility. Therefore, make sure you’re regularly checking your headlights, fog lights and any other exterior lights on your vehicle.

Land Rover winter driving

Check your tyres

The recommended tyre tread depth for driving in winter is 3mm. Ensuring your tyres meet the recommended tread depth will improve your Land Rover’s grip when driving or braking on ice or wet surfaces.  If you have a spare tyre, don’t forget to check that too.

Check your battery

Extreme cold weather can inhibit the chemical reaction necessary to make your Land Rover battery work. This, paired with the fact that you generally use more electric power, including heaters, headlights and windscreen wipers, in the winter months can add additional strain on your car’s battery.

Before winter approaches it may be a good idea to get your battery and electrical system checked over by a professional when you book in for your pre-Winter service.

Visit Broadfields Garage…

Following these steps will help to make sure your Land Rover is fully prepared for driving in winter.

If you require a pre-winter check, new tyres or any other services, we offer high-quality services at competitive prices here at Broadfields Garage to ensure your Land Rover is ready for driving in the colder, darker months. Visit our Dunmow garage or call us on 01371 872 940 for more information.

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