How to improve your Land Rover’s fuel efficiency

Are you spending too much money on fuel? By taking a few simple steps to improve your fuel efficiency, you can drive the same number of miles, but fill up less often. Check out our top tips for Land Rover fuel efficiency.

Check your tyres

The condition of your tyres, and your tyre pressure, can both make a difference to fuel consumption, so one simple way to improve your fuel efficiency is to check your Land Rover tyres regularly.

Tyre wear and tear stops you from braking efficiently, giving you less ‘rolling resistance’. If your tyre pressure is too low, this can also reduce rolling resistance, so it’s important to keep them pumped up and in good condition.

Practise defensive driving

Accelerating from a standstill uses lots of fuel. So driving in a more fuel-efficient way (sometimes known as defensive driving) is a good habit to get into. Here’s an example: if you see a queue or a red light ahead, try to slow down gradually as you approach, rather than cruising along at your usual speed then braking at the last minute. If you time it right and simply ease off the accelerator as you approach, the traffic could be moving again by the time you get there – so you won’t need to stop at all. Similarly, when you approach a roundabout, see if you can anticipate the traffic and drive at a speed that lets you enter without coming to a complete stop first.

Layer up (or down)

Heating and air conditioning both use extra fuel, so only turn these on if you really, really need to. It’s better for your fuel economy if you dress for the temperature, wearing layers so you can easily adjust if it gets too hot or too cold in the car. You might think that rolling down the windows is a good idea on a summer’s day, but the drag that this creates on your Land Rover will also increase fuel consumption.

Here’s a good rule to live by: if you’re travelling at 30mph or less and it’s too hot, opening a window is the best choice. Any faster than this, if it’s really stifling, it’s better (or more fuel efficient) to turn on the air con.

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Travel light

Carrying extra weight means your Land Rover engine needs more fuel to move. So for maximum fuel efficiency, only leave essentials in the car. Remember too that a hundred litres of liquid is pretty heavy – so consider cutting down on your load by only filling up your tank with what you need for your journey.

Plan your journeys

Even if you’re driving the same number of miles, doing them in one go is more fuel-efficient. So if you’re taking the kids to swimming and doing a tip run one weekend, it’s best to combine these trips and do your second journey while the engine’s still warm from the first.

Maintain your Land Rover with Broadfields

Keeping your car in good condition is one of the best ways to optimise fuel efficiency. Regular Land Rover servicing from a specialist dealer can also help you to spot any issues before they develop.

If you’re really concerned about your fuel consumption, contact us for a fuel economy upgrade and we’ll help you to cut down.

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