How to Maintain Your Car During Lockdown

Cars are designed to be driven regularly, however during the current Coronavirus pandemic, the reasons to use your car are limited. Unless you’re classed as a key worker, your car is likely to be scarcely used for picking up food and medical supplies.

Even when cars are not being driven, it is crucial that they are still maintained and taken care of. Find out how to keep your car in great condition while it is not being driven during lockdown.

Run the engine

Start your engine regularly and leave your vehicle running for a while. This will help to prolong your battery life and maintain the battery’s charging abilities. It is vital you do this every few days if you are able to, as the longer you leave it, the more likely it will be that the battery has drained, and your car won’t start.

Make sure you remain in your car whilst it’s running and avoid running your engine inside your garage.

Fill your car up with fuel

Make sure that your vehicle has a reasonable level of fuel in the tank and ensure your tank is properly sealed to prevent rust building up on the inside.

It’s also particularly important that your car is topped up with fuel during this time period in case of an emergency.

Maintain the tyres

Check the tyre pressure to ensure that your tyres are at the correct pressure. This should be done once a week.

Move your car a short distance every so often to make sure your tyres don’t become worn unevenly. This is particularly important for older tyres as if your vehicle is left stationary for a long period of time, this can lead to flat spots.

Check the fluid levels

To ensure your engine is well maintained and ready for use when you need to drive, check your fluid levels. This includes the oil, coolant and window wash.

Alternate cars for essential trips

If you have more than one car in your household, consider alternating between the car you use to do your essential trips so that each car is driven more often. If you do this, make sure that whoever’s driving is fully insured.

Park in a secure place

If your car is not being driven regularly, leave it parked in a safe, secure and if possible, sheltered place. A well-ventilated garage is the best place to leave your car park as it is sheltered from weather conditions and stored away from potential robbers or vandals.

If you don’t own a garage, park your car on your driveway or in a well-lit area. Make sure your car is parked in gear.

Keep your car clean

Whilst your car isn’t being used regularly, it’s important that it has been cleared of any rubbish, including coffee cups and wrappers, and that it’s kept clean and sanitised.

If you are using your car to pick up food and medical supplies, or if you’re a key worker, find out how to keep your car clean and coronavirus-free.

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