The Ideal Land Rover Maintenance Schedule

You’ve bought your dream vehicle, and you’ve worked hard to get it. Don’t let poor maintenance and servicing devalue your investment. Whatever model of Land Rover you own, a good Land Rover maintenance schedule will help you get more from your vehicle, and reduce its everyday running costs. The correct maintenance to prolong the life of your Defender is easy.

First of all, you should get your Land Rover serviced regularly by Land Rover experts. Land Rover trained engineers are able to spot any model-specific problems and put them right. Land Rovers are used to the punishment they are subjected to but it is best that any damage is spotted quickly by someone who knows what they are looking for.

A service at a Land Rover specialist will include….

  • An oil and oil filter change
  • An air filter change
  • New spark plugs and an electronic tune up
  • A lights check
  • A brake fluid and anti-freeze top-up
  • And a full safety check.

While your servicing schedule will depend on your exact Land Rover model, you should take advice from your Land Rover garage as to how often you should get it serviced.

Land Rovers are renowned for their long lives and you won’t need to get your vehicle serviced as much as you may think. For example, the air filter may not need changing until around 60,000 miles, and the spark plugs are expected to last more than 100,000 miles. That being said, for a vehicle that takes a lot of abuse from you, you should get it looked at by an expert annually for your peace of mind.

Oil changes are recommended at around every 10,000 miles, which could be as much as twice yearly, depending on your mileage. You should get all your other fluids, such as brake fluids, and engine coolant checked and topped-up at the same time.  If you are confident, then you can do some of this yourself, but please take note of any warranty restrictions that may be in place.

Before the wintry weather kicks in, you should swap your tyres for winter tyres to maximise your safety through snowy and icy weather.

Don’t overlook your vehicle’s fixtures and fittings. If you have leather seats, then including a regular clean is a good idea. Once clean, apply a leather preservative to your seats and other leather fittings to keep them in tip-top condition. Follow the instructions on your leather treatment – it is likely you will need to apply it when the leather is warm, but not to apply it more than twice a year or it may do more harm than good.

A good Land Rover maintenance schedule will help remind you when things need to be done. We all have busy lives but making the effort to at least get your treasured vehicle serviced by an expert once a year will prolong its life and give you years and years of luxurious and fun motoring.

Don’t leave your Land Rover maintenance to chance. Contact us to make a date each year with your local Land Rover garage to give you reassurance that your vehicle is optimised for safety and efficiency.

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