Keeping the Interior of Your Land Rover in Great Condition

Overtime, the inside of your Land Rover can be subject to spillages, dirt and general wear and tear. Find out the steps you can take to keep the interior of your vehicle looking as good as new…

Clean the interior regularly

Ensuring that the interior of your Land Rover is looking spick and span should be just as important as taking care of and maintaining the appearance of the outside of your vehicle. Whether you choose to clean your Land Rover yourself or you take it to be cleaned at your local valet service, make sure that when the outside of your car is next cleaned, you pay close attention to the interior too.

Use Land Rover Leather Cleaner

When cleaning the inside of your Land Rover, do not use solvents, detergents, household cleaners or furniture polish. These can lead to the deterioration of the leather interior.

Instead, you should use Land Rover Leather Cleaner as this has been specially designed for the type of leather inside your Land Rover. This will help to maintain its appearance and improve the surface’s protective film against dust, dirt and other substances.

Take care of spillages immediately

To avoid permanent staining, if fluids such as tea or coffee are split on the leather interior of your car ensure you clean these up properly and don’t leave them unattended to for a long period of time.

Use rubber car floor mats

Land Rover stock a huge variety of different rubber and carpet car floor mats designed to fit in the different Land Rover ranges. Rubber mats are more durable and provide better protection from general dirt than carpet mats, so you may decide to opt for these to help keep your car’s interior in a great condition.

When you clean the interior of your Land Rover, remember to wash your car mats too to keep your car looking presentable.

Use protective seat covers

If you’re prone to spilling your morning coffee or perhaps you have a family trip coming up, then protective seat covers are ideal for you. They will help to protect your seats from general dirt as well as wear and tear. They’re also easily fitted and wipeable.

‘Dog-proof’ your vehicle

If you own a dog and use your Land Rover to get your pet around, it may be worth thinking about pet accessories. You may wish to buy a luggage partition or a dog guard to ensure your dog is restricted to just the boot of your vehicle and to protect your leather seats. There are a number of dog guards to choose from, designed to fit perfectly in the different ranges of Land Rover.

To ‘dog-proof’ your vehicle further, you could also put down a protective rubber mat, towel or blanket in the boot of your car and carry wet wipes for dirty paws and a lint roller to keep on top of moulting fur.

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