Finding a Land Rover Approved Service Centre

Land Rovers are tough vehicles, but they get put through their paces more than most, so regular servicing is essential. If the circle on your calendar is looming closer and it’s time to service your Land Rover, where can you go for quick and reliable workmanship? Here we explain why a Land Rover approved service centre is the best place to take your vehicle for its regular service, and show you how to find your nearest centre.

Why service your Land Rover?

Regular services are an important part of your Land Rover maintenance schedule. Like a check-up at the GP, servicing your vehicle will help ensure that everything is working as it should.  If any problems are developing, these can be detected early and dealt with before they get worse – helping to keep you safe on the road and minimising the damage to your wallet.

When should I get my Land Rover serviced?

It’s not always clear how often “regular” servicing should take place. If you have a copy, your owner’s manual will include details of the recommended service schedules for your particular Land Rover model, but the frequency of servicing will also depend on how often you use your vehicle, and the conditions it is exposed to.  A winter service is often a wise idea, especially if you will be driving your Land Rover in snowy and icy off-road conditions.

We have a useful blog on the importance of a Land Rover service schedule that will give you a better idea of when you will need to bring it in for a check-up (and what your Land Rover service will involve.)

Is it important to use a Land Rover Approved centre?

It’s easy to find a local general garage that could carry out your service – so why choose a Land Rover approved service centre? Specialist Land Rover garages have a number of advantages that will benefit you and your vehicle:

  • Engineers working on your vehicle will be highly experienced and very familiar with all its quirks, working as they do with the same models every day. They’ll have a deep knowledge of all the typical issues that can affect Land Rovers and will know what to look for when checking for faults or damage.
  • Land Rover garages will also have the latest diagnostic tools that can be used to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition.
  • A Land Rover Approved Service Centre is more likely to have Land Rover parts in stock, or will be able to order them quickly and easily, without fuss.
  • Because it has been approved by Land Rover, the service centre will be reliable, with high quality workmanship guaranteed.

Where can I find my nearest Land Rover service centre?

If you are local to Dunmow, we at Broadfields will be delighted to service your Land Rover. Read more about how we can help you with servicing and repairs, and call us on 01371 872 940 to book yourself in.



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