Our Guide to Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights

Many dashboard warning lights are alerting you to issues that are simple to fix, but if ignored, the problem could get a lot more serious. Not sure what your Land Rover warning lights are telling you? Learn more with our quick reference guide.

A quick note: Land Rover warning lights and Range Rover warning lights are the same – so whichever vehicle you drive, this guide can help you.


You’re probably used to seeing your battery warning light on the dashboard whenever you turn the ignition key. It’s normal for this red light to flash on briefly while the engine warms up, but after that it should go out again. If your battery warning light is consistently on, or if it flashes on while you’re driving, seek assistance from a professional Land Rover garage.

Engine temperature

Is your Land Rover overheating? After last summer’s heatwave, this could well happen! The engine temperature warning light, shaped like a thermometer, will alert you when the engine is too hot. If this happens, stop your vehicle as soon as you can to let it cool down, and get it looked at as soon as possible.

Brake fluid

Well-functioning brakes are essential for safe driving, so drivers must keep brake fluid topped up. If you see the brake warning light (a symbol that says “BRAKE”), top up your brake fluid as soon as possible. If the warning light persists, get your car checked at your Land Rover garage.

Oil pressure

Some Land Rover warning lights are more urgent than others. The oil pressure light (shaped like an oil can) is one of these: when it lights up, it’s telling you that your oil pressure is too low, which could cause damage to your engine. In most cases, all that’s needed is a check of your oil levels and a quick top-up, but if the warning light persists, you must take your Land Rover to get checked out.


Your Land Rover’s airbag is a vital safety feature, so if there’s a problem it needs to be fixed immediately. Your airbag warning light is shaped like an airbag and is coloured amber. As with the battery light, it’s normal to see this when you first turn on the engine, but if it appears outside this time, it’s important to get a mechanic to look at it.

Critical warning message

Land Rovers and Range Rovers are equipped with a sophisticated warning system designed to alert drivers to a range of issues. If you see a critical warning message on your Land Rover dashboard warning lights, it could indicate any one of a variety of problems; if the critical warning triangle is showing a red light it means there’s an urgent issue to address, while an amber light is less urgent. Check your message as soon as you can; depending on what it’s telling you, you may need an immediate check.

These are just a few of the many warning lights that can be displayed on a Land Rover dashboard. If you’re in any doubt about what’s wrong, or your warning lights are telling you about a serious problem, contact us at Broadfields for a professional Land Rover service.

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