Land Rover Enhancements That Won’t Break the Bank

A Land Rover straight from the factory is a pretty amazing vehicle. A master of off-road exploration and also pretty handy about town, it has all-round strengths that can beat most other cars hands-down. But with a wealth of Land Rover accessories available to suit all budgets, there’s no need to stick to the factory settings – in fact, most Land Rover users enjoy making modifications to add that personal touch. Customising your Land Rover doesn’t have to cost a fortune – here we’ll show you how to make big changes without breaking the bank.

Roof racks

Many Land Rover enhancements are purely cosmetic. Here’s one that will make a practical difference! By investing in a roof rack for your Land Rover you’ll add instant luggage space, perfect for a family getaway, or for carrying bulky bits of kit like tents, bikes and boats. Bought second hand, this is a great budget option to improve your vehicle, with roof rack prices starting from around £50, and roof bars even cheaper.

New tyres

Are your tyres fit for the road – or mud, or snow? If you’re planning an off-road trip, investing in specialist tyres will make a big difference to your drive, and they’re probably the most useful modification you can choose. Winter tyres will make it much easier to handle snow and ice, so invest in a set if you’re off on a cold-weather adventure. Mud tyres are great for all-terrain adventures, with prices starting at under £100 per tyre.

Stronger towbar

If you’re off on a caravan trip, pulling a horsebox or simply using a trailer for extra gear, improving the strength of your towbar will make your drive much easier. New towbars cost from £200; if you’re not confident, we recommend that you get yours fitted by a professional.

Underbody protection

If your budget is key, don’t forget the potential costs you could incur through accidental damage to your vehicle. It’s worth considering adding some extra underbody protection to your Land Rover, especially if you’re planning to drive it in unpredictable, off-road conditions. By fitting something as small as a diff guard to prevent your vehicle from obstacles like rocks and trees (prices from £15), you could save money on repairs in the long run.

DIY modifications

Want to indulge in a spot of Land Rover DIY? There’s all sorts of fun to be had by getting hands-on with some creative modifications – and it’s cheap, too. If you need some inspiration, Land Rover forums are full of ideas and suggestions from fellow enthusiasts – from home-made snorkels to internal storage drawers. Whatever you decide to change, you can be sure your Land Rover is now unlike any other.

If you need some advice on modifying your Land Rover, we’re always happy to help. With a wide range of Land Rover parts and accessories in stock, we can fit new accessories, replace failing parts or simply advise you on the best way to personalise your vehicle.

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