Land Rover Maintenance Costs: What to Expect

If you want your Land Rover to serve you well, it’s important to keep it properly maintained – and that means putting some investment into its upkeep. While Land Rover maintenance costs are not always cheap, looking after your Land Rover will pay dividends in the long run, because tackling problems as they develop means that maintenance costs won’t escalate as the condition deteriorates. It’ll also keep any depreciation in the value of your Land Rover to a minimum.

What will I need to pay for?

The main costs associated with owning and maintaining a Land Rover are:

  • Regular servicing – look at this as a routine check-up to make sure everything is in tip-top condition. Check the Land Rover service schedule for your particular model to find out how often a service is recommended. You’ll also need an annual MOT once your Land Rover is over three years old.
  • Replacement parts – these will be required from time to time in order to keep your Land Rover working properly, and of course you’ll also need to shell out for replacements if anything gets broken.
  • Repairs – if your Land Rover is damaged, you’ll need to pay to get it fixed.

In addition to your Land Rover maintenance costs, you will of course need to pay for other essentials like fuel, oil and cleaning materials to help keep everything ticking over, and you’ll have to cover car tax and insurance.

How much should I budget?

Your Land Rover budget should reflect the value and age of your vehicle. There’s no point in throwing too much money at an old and badly damaged model which is no longer worth fixing up. That being said, Land Rovers are the number one car to hold their value, as long as they are properly maintained. That means that compared with other makes, they won’t lose as much of their initial market price with the passing of time – so you’ll lose less money if you want to sell it on.

For specific figures, the Money Advice Service has a useful car costs calculator tool that helps you to work out how much you’ll need to spend each year on maintenance, insurance, fuel and other essential costs for your particular car model.

How can I save money?

  • Get your Land Rover serviced regularly and fix problems as they occur, so that you don’t amass issues that get worse over time.
  • Shop around and get quotes from several different garages so that you can be sure of getting the best value for a specialist Land Rover service.
  • While it’s not strictly budgeted for, paying for fuel will eat up a big chunk of your savings, so you might want to consider asking a Land Rover garage to upgrade your vehicle to improve your fuel economy.

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