Prevent Car Theft With These Land Rover Security Tips

If you want to avoid your Land Rover being stolen and used as a getaway vehicle, ramp up your Land Rover security with these simple tips.

The statistics

Do you drive a Land Rover Defender? If so, you have a highly sought-after vehicle – sought after by car thieves, that is. Due to the demand for the Defender soaring after production ceased in 2016, this classic model is more targeted than ever, with the number of thefts in 2016 more than double those in 2015. Range Rovers are also highly desirable to thieves, according to the latest crime figures.

Check your vehicle is locked at all times

It’s Land Rover Security 101 – but it’s still worth a mention. If you’re in the habit of walking away from your vehicle while pointing your key fob in the general direction of your car, there’s a chance you could be inadvertently leaving it unlocked – meaning that your car alarm won’t be triggered in the event of a break-in. Get into the habit of checking that your Land Rover is properly locked, by trying the door handles to make sure they don’t open, or simply by glancing back to check that your lights flash in acknowledgement.

And finally, keep your keys safe. Never leave them lying around in a public place – and definitely don’t leave them in the ignition!

Park in a well-lit, public place

By leaving your car out of sight, you’re more likely to attract thieves. Protect your Land Rover by parking in good lighting (under a street light, if you can) where there are lots of people passing by. If you have a garage, use it.

Keep belongings concealed (or take them with you)

Objects left inside a vehicle can be a temptation too far for car thieves. Satnav devices and expensive stereos are obvious and expensive accessories that too many people leave on display, but thieves will also be attracted by low-value items like jackets and carrier bags, which may indicate the presence of more goodies within.

Fit a steering wheel lock

With many car thieves now able to use sophisticated technology to get inside your vehicle, it’s a good idea to make sure they’ll have trouble driving it away. Steering wheel locks are a relatively low-tech piece of kit, but in addition to obstructing a quick getaway, they’ll also provide a visual deterrent to make would-be intruders think twice. If you want to add an extra layer of security, you could also fit a pedal lock.

Track your Land Rover

If the worst comes to the worst and your Land Rover security is breached, fitting tracking technology such as the InControl Secure Tracker will maximise your chances of recovering your vehicle. With this advanced vehicle tracking system you can locate your Land Rover at any time, using your smartphone or car keys. If your car alarm is triggered, the system automatically sends a notification to the dedicated Stolen Vehicle Tracking Centre, which can help you to recover your Land Rover quickly.

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