Land Rover Winter Driving Tips

When you drive a Land Rover, the winter doesn’t stop play. In fact as a Land Rover driver, the fun begins when the snow starts to fall. We’ve put together some exciting ideas for exploring the winter terrain, together with a selection of winter driving tips, to help you get the most out of your Land Rover this season – but don’t forget to treat your car to our free winter check to make sure it’s in optimum shape before you set off.

Icy adventures

Have you discovered off-road adventuring in the snowiest corners of the globe? Group off-road treks in countries like Iceland give you the chance to experience breathtaking landscapes and exhilarating spaces, with winter conditions we in the UK can only dream of.  Will you venture into the chilly unknown this winter? Just to tempt you, check out this clip showing an off-road team practising their winter driving skills in the wide open snowy spaces of Iceland.

Home front

But you don’t have to get on a plane to appreciate the winter driving opportunities that the cold snap will bring. Land Rover’s Experience Centres allow you to experience unrivalled off-road driving excitement in some of the best locations in the UK. For winter driving we recommend the Scottish Experience Centre based near Butterstone Loch in Perthshire. You can bring your own vehicle or hire a Land Rover when you get there, and instructors are on hand to help you get to grips with winter driving and off road techniques.

Style and substance

Now that we’ve whetted your winter driving appetite, it’s time for some style tips. Driving in winter throws up all kinds of unique challenges that your Land Rover is more than capable of meeting safely – as long as you help it along by driving appropriately. Here are 3 important tips for a great winter driving style:

  1. Slow it down. While we don’t want to cramp your style, it’s important to assess your terrain and make sure you’re driving at an appropriate speed. Surfaces will be slippery and you’ll need more time to react without skidding, so don’t be tempted to race too fast over the ice.
  2. Easy does it. A steady winter driving style will help prevent wheel spin and stop you getting into a fix. So, try to avoid any sudden braking or acceleration by keeping it gentle, and use lower gears so that the engine can do some of the work for you when you need to stop.
  3. Stay back. If you’re travelling in a group you’ll want to keep up with the guys in front, but make sure you maintain a good distance between your vehicle and those up ahead. Slippery conditions mean you’ll need to allow more room to ensure you don’t end up in a collision.

And there you have it. Just remember to check our Land Rover safety tips for winter and you’re ready to get out there for your own winter driving adventure!

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