New Range Rover Fifty: Special Edition Luxury SUV Marks 50-Year Anniversary

Let’s face it, we’ve had better years. So to brighten up 2020, a special edition luxury SUV, marking 50 years of the Range Rover, could be just what we all need.

Introducing the Fifty

To celebrate its big 5-0 on 17 June 2020, the luxury SUV brand introduced the latest member of the Range Rover stable, which includes classics such as the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Sport. The newest addition to the family, the Range Rover Fifty, will be a strictly limited affair, with just 1,970 units of this exclusive luxury 4×4 in existence. The number commemorates 1970, the year the Range Rover first appeared on the scene.

Heritage design

Based on the existing Range Rover Autobiography model, the Fifty harks back to its heritage. It’s a collector’s dream, with a very limited number of models available in a choice of ‘heritage colours’, Davos White, Tuscan Blue and Bahama Gold (very Seventies!). There’s a distinctive ‘Fifty’ badge emblazoned on the exterior and in numerous places inside the vehicle, including the dashboard and headrests. You even get a numbered plaque on the centre console.

Luxury and style

And while it’s unquestionably a nostalgic design, images of the original 1970 model and the Fifty together show just how far the Range Rover has come in half a century. Sleek, curvy and much more roomy than its predecessor, the Fifty embodies the style, comfort and luxury that Range Rover has come to represent.

“In the world of luxury vehicles, the Range Rover has always stood apart as peerless and enduring,” said Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Land Rover’s Chief Creative Officer, who designed the ‘Fifty’ and its nameplate.

“Its unique and pioneering sensibilities together with an unrivalled engineering approach have been the intrinsic values which our customers have admired since the first of the breed was revealed in 1970.”

Get your hands on a collector’s item

If you’d like to add one of these exclusive vehicles to your fleet, you’ll have to wait a little longer: it’s expected to go on sale in late 2020 or early 2021.  It’ll give you a bit of time to save up – we don’t yet have details of the price, but it’ll be a six-figure sum, reflecting the Fifty’s exclusive, limited-edition status.

Spruce up your own Range Rover

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a brand new Fifty, why not show your own Range Rover some care and attention? A regular Land Rover service is essential to keep everything running smoothly, but there’s no need to get your car serviced at the dealership where you bought it. Instead, come to us!

At Broadfields, we’re Land Rover and Range Rover specialists. We know every model like the back of our hands. With over 15 years of experience servicing and maintaining Land Rovers of all types, we’ll help you get the best performance out of your vehicle, every time.

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