Preparing your Land Rover for Winter Driving

As we approach the Winter months, the last place you want to end up is stuck on the side of the road in the blistering cold, waiting for the AA or trying to restart your car.

With breakdowns and accidents at an all-time high during the latter part of the year, it is crucial to take the appropriate measures to avoid ending up in an unfortunate situation.

Even in a 4×4, strong winds and icy roads won’t take kindly to your vehicle. Read our top tips for preparing your Land Rover for Winter driving and ensure that you stay safe and smart on the roads.

Be prepared

Preparation is key. A few little maintenance tasks may save you from running into any trouble.

The cold weather can cause problems for your car, however, many of these can easily be prevented with a simple pre-winter service. Ensure to book in with your local garage towards the end of Autumn to give you peace of mind heading into the Winter months.

Check your tyres

One of the most important aspects of safe Winter driving is the condition of your tyres. Whether driving through thick snow or on thin, slippery ice, your car needs to boast some grip to avoid skidding when steering or braking.

The recommended tread depth for Winter is 3mm minimum and you can even buy and fit special ‘winter tyres’ with a bigger tread depth of up to 9mm to better equip your car for the change in season.

Carry the essentials

In case of an emergency, it is a good idea to keep all the essential rescue items on hand in the boot of your car. A torch for the short daytime hours and dark nights, de-icer for those frosty mornings and a windscreen scraper for snow days are just some items that we would recommend.

Not forgetting your personal safety, a warm coat or blanket and a spare phone charger will go a long way in a breakdown when waiting for recovery. 

Allow extra time 

Extreme weather conditions are known for slowing down traffic therefore adding time on to your journey. It is easy to get frustrated during this time of year but staying calm and planning ahead will ensure you get where you need to be safely and efficiently.

Keeping updated with weather warnings, warming up your car and clearing your windscreens of snow and ice prior to driving will allow your day to run more smoothly.

Stay safe

Be cautious when driving over the Winter period. Take care when driving on dark evenings, round sharp bends and on icy surfaces. Driving slower than usual and taking extra safety precautions may save your life or someone else’s and help you to avoid running into any problems with your vehicle.

Visit Broadfields Garage…

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