Range Rover Evoque VS Land Rover Discovery Sport – What’s the best fit for you?

The Range Rover Evoque is an obvious choice for fashion-conscious buyers. Besides its prestigious badge and striking appearance, it has a solid substance to back up the positive first impressions.  

But what if the style isn’t the number one priority? Alternatives that are more practical are plentiful, and one of the best is the seven-seat Land Rover Discovery Sport. The question is, which SUV should you buy?

By the end of this informative guide, you will know which car is right for you based on all the key differences between them.


In spite of the fact that design is always subjective, it is hard to argue that the Range Rover Evoque isn’t one of the best-looking small SUVs out there. Whether it’s the sleek, swept-back headlights or the chunky wheel arches, the Evoque offers undeniable presence on the road. There are just enough chunky features to please buyers in this class, but the proportions are neat and well-judged.

Discovery Sport has a taller, longer body that gives it a less lavish appearance, but it’s still very attractive. It shares some details with the Evoque, such as the grille and headlights, while elsewhere, the more dramatic features are toned down more in line with the Discovery’s practical purpose.

Space & Practicality

Cabin space is sacrificed for Range Rover Evoque’s stylish exterior. It won’t bother those up front, but the rakish roofline reduces rear headroom. At a pinch, you could squeeze five in there. The boot is also significantly smaller than the Discovery Sport’s but there is no load lip and it is simple to load.

The second row of the Discovery Sport has plenty of space for passengers. Similarly, the bench can slide back and forth, providing not only easier access to the sixth and seventh seats in the back but also some extra space for any occupants. Adults may begin to complain back there on longer journeys, but the Discovery Sport is a reasonably usable seven-seater. The boot is much larger and more functional.

Range Rover Evoque VS Land Rover Discovery Sport - What's the best fit for you?

Interior Design

The interior design of the Land Rover Discovery Sport reflects this sensible attitude. It’s still a lovely place to sit, with plenty of leather and gleaming trim. It’s a little less flashy than the flamboyant Evoque. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, climate control and a digital drivers display are all available.

The Range Rover Evoque takes luxury to the next level, which is not surprising given that it is the more premium branded product here. Every visible surface is covered in leather and solid metal, and everything is very well screwed together. The technology is just as generous as it is in the Discovery Sport, and the dual-screen setup looks fantastic.


The Evoque is an enjoyable drive by SUV standards. It’s not quite a match for the Porsche Macan, but it’s quick and composed in corners and never harsh over bumps. The steering is well-weighted and precise, and the body roll is kept to a minimum. Road and wind noise are also reduced inside the cabin, making it a pleasant place to spend long journeys.

The Discovery Sport rides softer than the Evoque on the road, and its extra height and length are noticeable. The combination of a smooth ride, taut handling, and quiet refinement places it near the top of the class overall. Remember that it will do all of this while also going further off-road than any competitor, and what Land Rover has accomplished with the Discovery Sport is remarkable.


Both of these vehicles have similar engine options, with plenty of diesel options. Both have a 163hp entry-level diesel that can be paired with either a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission. Then you can upgrade to a 2.0-litre, 204-hp diesel.

In both cars, 2.0-litre petrol with 249hp is available, as is 300hp petrol in the Evoque. You can’t really separate these cars based on the engines available because they’re all pretty much the same. Simply choose the one that best suits you.

Range Rover Evoque VS Land Rover Discovery Sport - What's the best fit for you?

Value for money

The more premium badge on the boot of the Evoque means it’s rather expensive considering its size. It starts from £32,620.

By comparison, the Discovery Sport starts from £33,125, which isn’t a huge premium considering the additional space and practicality you get.


As they share so much mechanically, it’s no surprise that they have many similar strengths and weaknesses. Both are enjoyable to drive, comfortable, and refined, but both have a limited engine range.

Finally, the decision boils down to one question: if you had to choose between practicality and luxury, which would you prefer?

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