10 Range Rover Gadgets and Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Range Rover is a car with countless optional accessories, each ingenious invention capable of provoking envy in your friends and fellow drivers. The best Range Rover gadgets tend to be the ones you hadn’t even realised you needed, but once you try them, there’s no looking back. Find out which upgrades will revolutionise your drive with our guide to the most desirable, must-have gadgets and upgrades.

Dual-view screen

Sit in the passenger seat and you have inbuilt in-car entertainment. Move behind the wheel and lo and behold, you’re looking at the sat nav. Range Rover’s amazing dual-view screens show you something different depending on how you look at them. They include full touchscreen functionality so you always stay in control.

Park Assist

A boon to anyone who dreads squeezing their Range Rover into a tight spot, Land Rover’s Park Assist technology does all the hard work for you. 2014 models onwards include 3 modes: Parallel Parking, Perpendicular Parking (for reverse parking in a car park) and Parking Exit, which is great for manoeuvring yourself out of a tricky space.

Massaging seats

Relax like never before with Land Rover’s most luxurious upgrade yet. Use the touchscreen control to set the desired intensity and duration of your massage, then sit back in leather-upholstered seats and enjoy the ride. Definitely one of our favourite Range Rover gadgets yet!

Panoramic roof

Experience an ultra-light and spacious interior with this double-sized panoramic window in the roof. Your passengers will love the stunning views!

Tinted windows

Feel like a movie star and stay cool on hot days with one of the most convenient and stylish Land Rover accessories available. Professional window tinting will also keep your Range Rover secure, shielding the interior from prying eyes.

Crystal lettering

The ultimate in opulent ostentation, why not jazz up your Range Rover lettering with crystal diamante? It’s a sure-fire way to get you noticed, wherever you drive.

Wind deflectors

Enjoy the summer breeze without letting in a flood of noise from outside. Range Rover wind deflectors allow you to drive in comfort with reduced wind noise and buffeting.

Electric cool bag

So much more than a simple picnic hamper, this stylish electric cool bag uses a thermostat to control the temperature within. So, whether you’re carrying your sandwiches or chilling champagne, it’ll be ready to serve at the perfect temperature when you reach your destination.

Social seating

Perfect for enjoying outdoor events in comfort, this fold-out seating is a versatile and practical Range Rover gadget. You can whip out the seats on any occasion, then fold them back away in the loadspace.

Remote control

The ultimate in convenient Range Rover gadgets, this smartphone-enabled remote control is a planned future addition to Land Rover’s stable of accessories. Assisting drivers to manoeuvre out of a tricky situation, navigate slippery terrain or simply park in an awkward space, the Range Rover remote control app will enable autonomous driving to help make motoring a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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