Range Rover to Report Pot Holes to Councils

An innovative new technology could save your suspension and help put a stop to bumpy rides, thanks to the research team at Jaguar Land Rover, makers of the Range Rover.

The company has announced a new technological innovation that will detect pot holes and other road surface hazards, adjust suspension settings in your vehicle and warn the driver what lies ahead so that you can slow down accordingly – making for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Connecting and sharing data

If you’ve ever complained to the council after bumping over a pot hole or broken drain cover, your Range Rover could in future save you the trouble. It could even let your friends and neighbours know about the problem, too.

The road surface detection technology, currently being showcased in two specially fitted Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport vehicles, will be able to send the data to local councils to enable them to take action to mend the roads. In addition, it could share the road surface information with other connected cars on the road, to ensure a better drive for all.

How it works

The gadgets fitted in your Range Rover as part of the pot hole system would include sensors underneath the vehicle to detect changes in the road surface, a camera in the windscreen that could capture images of any defects, and a GPS device to record your exact location.

The sensors would continuously monitor the motion of the car, allowing the suspension to be adjusted moment by moment, avoiding any sudden bumps or lurches. The images captured by your camera, together with the GPS information, could be recorded and included in any reports sent by your Range Rover to the local council or other cars.

Jaguar Land Rover and developing new technologies

The road sensing technology is one of a number of research projects to enhance the driving experience of the future, developed at Jaguar Land Rover’s UK-based Advanced Research Centre. It was exhibited alongside other current projects at the company’s recent Future Tech showcase event. Other innovations included a smartphone remote control for the Land Rover that could in the future enable drivers to perform off-road manoeuvres without needing to be at the wheel. Voice and gesture operated technology could also be around the corner for Range Rover and Land Rover drivers.

Whatever the next big thing for Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicles, we’re confident it’ll be a smart addition to a classic and comfortable driving experience. And we’re looking forward to fewer pot holes!

Driving in Essex – a smoother future?

Last year, Essex County Council pledged to double road maintenance crews and inject a £17.5 million cash boost to help improve the roads. Paired with real-time information about damaged road surfaces, driving in Essex could in future be a lot less hazardous for your suspension.

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