Range Rover Winter Tyres Guide

Winter is coming, meaning more chances of rain, snow and black ice – all prone to making driving conditions more hazardous. Are you concerned about driving in cold weather? Our winter tyres guide has been created specifically for Land Rover and Range Rover vehicle owners, helping you prepare and remain safe whilst driving during winter. 

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are designed to help drivers maintain control of their vehicles during extreme weather conditions, providing better grip, stopping time and traction in winter weather conditions. 

Many people think that winter tyres are only for driving in the snow. However, they actually improve your driving performance in all types of weather conditions below seven degrees celsius. 

Why would a Range Rover need winter tyres? 

Everyone knows Range Rovers and Land Rovers have amazing off-road capabilities. But, not everyone realises that the tyres that they are fitted with can really impact this. For example, if your Range Rover is fitted with standard road tyres, it may struggle more with snow and ice.

Did you know that it is standard for the Range Rover Sport to be fitted with 275/40R20 or 285/35R22 wheels and tyres, which are actually better suited to warmer weather conditions? 

If you are unsure what tyres your vehicle is fitted with, our mechanics would be happy to check for you as part of our tyres and repair service, and advise you further as to whether they may need changing. Alternatively, you can check yourself by looking on the sidewall (winter tyres are marked with a snowflake symbol). 

Range Rover Winter Tyre Tips and Benefits | Land Rover & Range Rover Specialist in Essex and Hertforshire

What are the benefits of winter tyres? 

Many Range Rover and Land Rover drivers opt for winter tyres as they have better traction and grip, providing good braking control on snow or ice. 

Studies have shown that winter tyres significantly reduce your stopping distance in colder weather. This can make a massive difference in an emergency situation. 

These safety benefits are often more useful to drivers who live in rural areas of Essex where the roads are often not gritted and conditions are slightly harsher. Your location and common journey type are all important factors to consider when thinking about fitting winter tyres on your Range Rover or Land Rover. As other types of all-weather tyres may be a more suitable option. 

Is there an alternative to winter tyres? 

Although Range Rover winter tyres do have many benefits, they are costly and many people consider alternatives to seasonal tyres. 

All-weather tyres are a less costly alternative and also provide better grip than summer tyres. Additionally, you do not need to factor in getting them changed seasonally. Even better, these types of tyres are suitable for driving in the UK as severe winter weather conditions are uncommon. That being said, if you are travelling to a colder climate or are particularly concerned about the safety of your tyres, winter tyres are a great option to ensure that you remain safe. 

Understanding which types of tyres are best for your vehicle can be complicated. So, we hope that our guide has helped you make an informed decision. At Broadfields Garage, we stock a large range of Land Rover, Range Rover and Freelander tyres. All of which can usually be sourced by the next working day. If you are undecided about which tyre type is best for your vehicle, we would be happy to guide you. 

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