Land Rover Launch the Limited Edition Defender Works V8

Seventy years after its very first model was produced, Land Rover is still going strong, with an impressive history that has earned it national treasure status. And if you mourned the demise of the iconic Land Rover Defender back in 2016, we have some good news for you: the Defender is back – albeit for a limited time only!

Luxury and performance

Styled as a collector’s edition, the sleek and powerful Defender Works V8 is the ultimate, modern Land Rover. Combining a V8 engine that can go from 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds (top speed 106mph) with a supremely luxurious interior, this superior vehicle is a true piece of automotive history. Because the Defender is no longer in production, the limited edition Works V8 models have been ‘re-engineered’ from existing Defenders rather than being built from scratch.

Available as a 2-door Defender 90 or 4-door Defender 110, this highly collectable set of wheels won’t be available for long – the model is strictly limited to just 150 cars, so it’ll be snapped up fast. Prices start at £150,000, reflecting its desirable status. (Will the Queen be one of the lucky owners?)

Check out the Land Rover website for more information.

What the critics think

As you might expect, the critical response to the return of the Defender has been almost unanimously positive. Top Gear called it ‘simply excellent’, although Auto Trader said the fastest and most powerful Defender ever made is ‘bonkers’. The consensus is that Land Rover have created a modern take on an enduring classic, retaining all the old design features that made the Defender such a desirable vehicle to drive, whilst making some upgrades that give it more oomph than ever before.

Looking to the future

Although the return of the Defender will be short-lived this time round, it points to the amazing possibilities and potential that the Land Rover still has, seven decades on.  In 2016, the last Defender rolled off the production line, signalling a new era for this classic brand. The past 70 years have included multiple movie appearances, an assortment of amazing escapades, and numerous adaptations and improvements.

The impressive performance features of the Defender Works V8 signal an exciting future for Land Rover enthusiasts. Electric cars, new car technologies and a second-generation Land Rover Discovery Sport are just some of the developments we can look forward to in the next decade. More excitingly, there are plans afoot to create a new-style family of Land Rover Defenders: watch this space for more news as it unfolds.

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