Signs your car battery needs replacing

Your car battery is the heart of your ride and with that, you always need to have a check-up and keep a close eye on it. The last thing anybody would want is to get stuck in the middle of traffic on the motorway alone with nobody to call. Its purpose is to keep the car running. With an average lifespan of 3-5 years, there may already be signs that indicate it’s time for your car battery to have a change.

Below are a few signs that indicate that it’s time to change:

Difficulty in starting up

One of the most common reasons for a battery change is your car is struggling to start. This means making noises frequently known as the “rud dud dud dud” sound for a long period of time as you may start to notice you’re waiting a while for your engine to fire up.

Signs your car battery needs replacing | How do I replace my car battery? | Land Rover | Range Rover

Your dashboard battery light is on!

When your battery light is illuminated it might be the only warning sign you see before your battery dies. It’s a bad idea to drive with it for a long car journey, as it can mean numerous things. The battery may be dead, the alternator could be faulty or there’s an issue with the wiring. It’s highly advised to get it checked up asap because your car could lose power at any time!

Another related issue is if your alternator is faulty. This is a big one as its job is to essentially charge and replenish the battery in your engine. If that’s not working properly, then you may have around 30 minutes – 1 hour of driving left.

If the battery sign doesn’t disappear, it is highly advised to switch off all electrical draining components to preserve your battery in case there is no garage available.

Signs your car battery needs replacing | Dashboard symbol for replacing car batter | How do I replace my car battery? | Land Rover | Range Rover

Wiring issues

As said above, your next indication may be that there are some wiring issues. This may be suggested by the dashboard battery being illuminated. Electrical problems you may face include power windows and locks working inconsistently.

Another issue you may experience from wiring may be that your headlights have started to dim. This could mean your battery cable may have become damaged or that your battery is unable to deliver full power because of wear and tear.

Your driving habits

Your driving habits and lifestyle may not necessarily be a bad thing. It just may mean that in comparison to other drivers, you may need to change your car battery more frequently. This could be because of driving habits, weather and frequent short trips which can all contribute to a drastic shortening of your battery lifespan.

Remember a car battery has an average lifespan of 3-5 years. So, don’t stick to the book and risk your car if you do start to relate to the indicators above!


If your battery is physically looking beat up, with corrosion around the connecting points, leaking fluid and rust all around, it will be a lifesaver getting that fixed. If it’s in bad condition itself then it may also have poor performance and become a cause for concern.

Signs your car battery needs replacing | How do I replace my car battery? | Land Rover | Range Rover

Time to change your battery?

If you have started to experience any of these problems, it might be time to start looking into changing your car battery. Better safe than sorry! We at Broadfields Garage specialise in Land Rovers and if you need a battery change for yours then we are the garage to get in touch with! Or give us a call at 01371 872 940

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