A Simple Car Warranty Guide: What’s Included and What’s Not?

Is your Land Rover covered? If your warranty doesn’t include the repairs you need, you could be faced with a large bill. Discover what to look for in a warranty and how to shop around for the best deal, with our car warranty guide for Land Rover owners.

What’s in your warranty?

There’s no standard set of conditions covered by a car warranty – this will differ depending on the car dealership where you buy your Land Rover. Some car warranties are more comprehensive than others, so any guide will recommend checking what’s covered at the time of purchase.

Questions to ask include:

  • Length of cover. When does your warranty expire? It could be a month, it could be years, so check before assuming you are still covered.
  • Wear and tear. Does your warranty cover repairs that are needed due to general wear and tear? This is a common exclusion, so if you drive your Land Rover a lot, you’ll need to bear it in mind.
  • Claim limit. What is the maximum value that you can claim for repairs?
  • Labour charges. Does your warranty include the cost of labour, or simply the replacement parts? Does it cover the time taken to diagnose the problem, as well as the time spent fixing it?
  • Conditions to abide by. Many Land Rover warranties state that you need to get the repair done at a Land Rover Approved Service Centre. You may also need to get a regular service as part of the conditions of cover.

The answers to these questions should be a good guide as to whether your warranty suits you. If you’re not happy with the terms included in the car warranty offered by your dealer, you can choose to buy one independently.

Is an extended warranty worth the investment?

Most car warranties expire after 3 years, but with an older car, you’re far more likely to encounter problems or require a repair. For peace of mind and to cover issues that crop up past the 3-year point, it’s worth considering an extended warranty. This will give you extra peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered as your vehicle gets older.

You can also purchase warranties that cover specific, specialist issues that might concern you, such as Land Rover’s anti-corrosion and paint surface warranties.

Getting a good deal

As with any purchase, you’re likely to save money by taking the time to look for the best deals. Use price comparison sites so that you can compare like-for-like car warranties on your Land Rover model and age. The Money Supermarket website has a useful car warranty guide that will point you in the right direction.

Sometimes price isn’t the most important factor. It’s always worth checking out the manufacturer’s warranty, which will be tailored to the vehicle you drive. Have a look at Land Rover’s manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranty . These include extras like roadside recovery and car hire while your Land Rover is out of action.

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