The Importance of a Land Rover Service Schedule

One of the essential tasks for any Land Rover owner is to service it regularly. By carrying out regular checks as part of a Land Rover service schedule you can …

  • Maintain the value of your vehicle, by ensuring that it stays in good condition.
  • Keep running costs to a minimum by preventing fluid leaks, ensuring that tyres are at the correct pressure (which will lower fuel bills) and ensuring that fuel is burned efficiently.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive and reduce the risk of an accident or breakdown.
  • Pick up on minor issues before they develop into bigger (and more expensive) problems.
  • Ensure a comprehensive service history, which will be important to future buyers and help you get a good price for your Land Rover if you decide to sell.

How often should my Land Rover be serviced?

This will depend on your model and its age. To find your recommended Land Rover service schedule, check the maintenance schedule detailed in your owner’s manual, or speak to your local Land Rover garage. You can also check out a digital version of the handbook for your model on the official Land Rover website, under Owner Information.

If you have a second hand Land Rover, your service history will show you what’s been done in the past. All Land Rovers built since 2013 have a full service record accessible online.

Months or miles?

You might read that your Land Rover’s oil should be changed every 10,000 miles, or that it needs a full service every 15,000 miles. But what if you don’t drive much? Can you get away with less frequent checks and changes?

The short answer is, even if you have a low annual mileage, it’s important to maintain a regular Land Rover service schedule. This is because some Land Rover problems are not related to the frequency of use – instead, problems like rust or oil degradation can occur due to decay over time, whether or not the vehicle has been driven a lot. You should also consider the conditions of your warranty – regular services should ensure that you are covered, but missing out on the service schedule could invalidate your warranty.

So, as a rule of thumb, where you see a recommendation like “Every 6,000 miles or 6 months”, you should go by whichever comes sooner. If you haven’t reached the requisite mileage when the recommended time period is up, we advise you to book in for a service or carry out your own checks anyway.

Who should carry out the service?

While keen petrol heads can certainly perform checks and maintenance to help keep a Land Rover in good condition at home, we recommend you take your car to a Land Rover specialist garage for its regular service. There, you’ll have access to experienced specialists who know your model inside out.

At Broadfields, we’re Land Rover experts. Why not read more about what our servicing package includes, or get in touch to make the latest appointment in your Land Rover service schedule.

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