The Land Rover Off Road experience

If you’re embarking on your first off road trip, you have a treat in store. Wherever you’re heading, driving off road is an amazing adventure, and there’s no better vehicle than a Land Rover to help you enjoy the trip. Simply follow our tips for the ultimate Land Rover off road experience.

Preparing your Land Rover for off road driving

Your Land Rover was built for the off road experience. But it’ll still need to be checked and thoroughly prepared before venturing off road. Getting properly ready to go off road might seem like a chore but it will keep you safe, equip you with the tools you need and enhance your overall experience.

  • Fit off road tyres. If you’ll be driving through sand or mud, specialist tyres will help you tackle the terrain. Winter tyres are best for snowy conditions.
  • Get it serviced. Off road driving can take its toll on any vehicle, even a sturdy 4×4. Give your Land Rover the best chance by having it serviced before you set off.
  • Study the manual. Take the time to get to know your vehicle, including its dimensions and gear range, and where all the important bits (like the gear box and fuel tank) are located. Off road driving involves making constant decisions about which route to tackle, and whether your vehicle can safely pass an obstacle or obstruction, so this knowledge will help you make good calls.
  • Pack up and go. Don’t forget to pack everything you’ll need. Essentials include food and water, a torch, shovel, blanket and mobile phone.

What not to do when driving off road

Unlike tarmac, off road terrain can be treacherous and unpredictable. Driving your Land Rover off road is an exhilarating experience, but to keep your thrills safe, make sure you always follow these simple rules. Do not:

  • Venture out without telling someone your whereabouts, your mobile number, and when you plan to be back.
  • Set off without a full tank of fuel.
  • Be tempted to veer off of your planned route and into the unknown.
  • Drive through water without testing the depth first. (You can watch another vehicle go through it, or get out and try it on foot to make sure there’s no danger of getting stuck).
  • Take unnecessary risks.

Your first trip

If you are new to off road driving and looking for guidance from skilled instructors, we can recommend starting with Land Rover’s guided off road experience drives, available at various locations around the UK. You can also check out the British Off Road Driving Association for off road events and instructors near you.

The Land Rover off road experience is one that can take you to stunning destinations across all the corners of the globe – and many amazing off road locations are right here in the UK. If you’re setting off on your own, just make sure you have the right to drive on your chosen route – bridleways, footpaths and private land are all off limits.

Have fun!

Now that you’re fully prepared for your Land Rover off road experience, you’ll not only be safer and have a smoother ride, you’ll also have a thorough understanding of your Land Rover, confidence in its abilities and peace of mind that it’s in tip-top, off-roadworthy condition. Want more tips? See our previous blog on planning to take your Land Rover off road.

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