9 Important Things to Check Before Driving in 2019

If you’re not in the habit of carrying out a regular vehicle check on your Land Rover, 2019 is a great time to start. You don’t need to be a mechanic to carry out basic car maintenance, and by performing some basic checks, you’ll keep yourself safe and prolong the life of your vehicle’s components. Not sure where to begin? Here are 9 important things to check on your car this year.

1.    Oil levels

Engine oil keeps everything in your Land Rover running smoothly. To make sure your oil doesn’t get too low, use your dipstick to check that the oil level is between the maximum and minimum markings.

2.    Tyre pressure

Do you have enough air in your tyres? It’s important to check your car tyre pressure every month, to keep your tyres functioning safely and well. This can be done at your local petrol station, where free air is usually available. To get the correct tyre pressure, check your vehicle handbook; front and rear tyres usually have different pressure levels. (Don’t forget your spare tyre!)

3.    Tyre tread

Your tyres need enough grip to ensure that you can stop promptly and safely. Check your tyre tread using a 20p coin; if when you place the coin into your tyre grooves, you can see its outer edge, it’s time to change your tyres.

4.    Tyre condition

Yes, your tyres are really important! As well as pressure and tyre tread, check the overall condition of your tyres. If you spot any bulges or cracks, contact your local Land Rover centre to get them looked at.

5.    Lights

Every month or two, it’s a good idea to give your lights a clean – especially if you’ve been driving in muddy conditions. While you’re at it, check for any cracks or damage to the glass, and turn them on to make sure they’re all working as they should. It’s always better to replace any bulbs before you set off, than have to turn back.

6.    Coolant levels

Going away on a winter break? During the cold weather, it might surprise you to learn that engine coolant is a vital tool to keep your car running smoothly. Also known as antifreeze, your engine coolant stops the fluids in your engine from freezing (and from overheating, in hot weather). Make sure your coolant doesn’t fall below the minimum level.

7.    Wiper blades

If you’re driving in the UK, you probably use your wipers a fair bit! It’s quite common for windscreen wipers to become worn and damaged over time, so check the condition of the rubber before you set off.

8.    Screen wash levels

Talking of wipers, it’s good to check your screen wash levels, to make sure you’re not running low. Make sure you top up with screen wash rather than water, as this contains antifreeze to prevent it from solidifying in cold temperatures.

9.    Fuel

OK it’s an obvious one, but we felt it was important enough to get a mention! Monitor your fuel levels and fill up before you need to – that way you’ll always be ready for an impromptu road trip, whenever you fancy it.

Even if you regularly check your car yourself, it’s important to get it seen once in a while for a proper service. Contact us for a specialist Land Rover service, or book your car in for its MOT at our Land Rover centre in Dunmow, Essex.

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