Tips For Buying A Second Hand Land Rover

Sixty-seven years and two million cars later, January 2016 saw the last Land Rover Defender roll off the production line in Solihull.

Although there is likely to be a new guise of Defender produced by Jaguar Land Rover in the future, the end of this era has spawned a rise in demand for used models of this iconic 4×4.

If you’re thinking of buying a second hand Land Rover, get ahead of the game with our handy buyers’ guide….

Which used land rover is right for you?

Whether you’re buying your used Defender to preserve as a classic, or run over land and field as purpose intended – choose wisely:

  • GET ADVICE: Before you start your search, speak to those in the know. Independent Land Rover specialists can help guide you in the right direction.
  • TEST DRIVE: Take time to experience various models, old and new, to get a feel for how they drive. Defenders were designed for function over luxury so it’s good to familiarise yourself with their unique ride.
  • CLOCK THE CLOCK: Land Rover Defenders with the least mileage are not always the best option. This can be an indication of an unhealthy, sedentary life for such a workhorse. Depending on condition, Defenders that have reasonable but not excessive mileage are the ones to go for as this is the sign of a healthier used Land Rover.
  • SIZE: Denoted by wheel base measurement, the Defender 90 will suit those in need of an off-road monster – the Defender 110 is perfect for those needing more space with 9 seats and room for lots of kit! You’ll need to decide whether you want the Station Wagon version or the van-like Hard Top.

What’s your budget?

You’ve guessed it – when buying a second hand Land Rover, the cheapest version may not be the oldest! Classic models can fetch upwards of £70,000 in good condition.

Look to spend a minimum of £3,500. If purse strings allow, strive to get a post 2006 Defender with a 2.4-litre Ford TDCI engine. Considered to be a significant advancement for this automobile, models produced after this date are the most equipped where functionality and technology are concerned.

£18,000 will get you a decent Defender Station Wagon with this spec.

Assess the car and the seller

Once you’ve identified your perfect used Land Rover, take note of this check list:

  • CONDITION: Get on your hands and knees – take a look underneath the chassis and the bonnet. Look out for suspension damage and rust. Check the 4×4 system transfer box, gears, brakes, electrics and seat belts. It could be cost effective to pay an independent specialist to inspect the car. They can advise if upgrade costs should be reflected in a price reduction.
  • CODES AND SERIAL NUMBERS: Does the V5C document correlate with the chassis and registration numbers?
  • SERVICE HISTORY/MOT: Be sure to look over the service history and MOT certificates. Yearly services and invoices will indicate a respectful owner!

Now you know what steps to take when buying a second hand Land Rover, good luck with your search! For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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