What are the Benefits of Land Rover Window Tinting

Summer’s here, and if you’re off on a road trip in your Land Rover, it could be the perfect time to upgrade to tinted windows. Not just for A-list celebrities, window tints have a range of benefits, from staying private and adding value, to improving safety and helping you keep your car secure. 

Get the look for 2019 

Tinted windows are in tune with the times. There are many ways to enhance your Land Rover to make it your own, but getting your windows tinted is one of the most on-trend. If you’re looking to sell or part-exchange your Land Rover or Range Rover in the future, professionally tinted windows could even add value. Our window tinting service lets you choose from 4 different shades, so you can customise your tints to the colour of your car. 

Protect your valuables 

If you’re looking for ways to keep your Land Rover secure, getting your windows tinted could help. Tinted windows can improve security by keeping your valuables out of sight, as well as making it more difficult for thieves to break in. If your windows get smashed, the film used to tint your windows will help keep you safe. Instead of shattering inwards, the broken glass will stay in place, held by the tinted film. 

Drive safely 

Sunshine and glare can be dangerous driving conditions, so tinted windows can help you to drive safely, by shading your eyes from the light. They’ll also help you to see the satnav and other digital displays more clearly, even on the brightest of days. 

Stay cool 

Wherever you’re travelling to this summer, getting into a sun-warmed car can be an uncomfortable experience. Tinted windows will help keep your Land Rover cool inside on those baking hot days, so you and your passengers can enjoy the drive in comfort. You might not even need to switch on the air con

Reduce UV exposure 

You may not realise it, but the sun’s harmful UV rays can reach you through the windows of a car. In addition to sunscreen, tinted windows are a great way to reduce sun exposure and protect your skin. It’s an especially important consideration if you have children or animals as passengers.  

Preserve your interior 

Museums look after their artefacts by keeping them in low light conditions, and you can do the same with your Land Rover interior. By shading it from the glare of the sun, you’ll prevent your upholstery from fading so fast, keeping everything in pristine condition. 

Get the privacy you need 

Whether you’re an A-list celeb, or simply want to keep a low profile, there are times when it’s nice to keep the outside world outside. Get the VIP look and keep your privacy with professionally applied window tints for your Land Rover. 

At Broadfields, we offer a professional window tinting service for all Land Rover and Range Rover models. Call us on 01371 872 940 or fill in our enquiry form to book your Land Rover in.  


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