What are the best Land Rover modifications?

One of the best things about owning a Land Rover is the ability to customise it to suit your taste and lifestyle. But where do you start? There are so many potential Land Rover modifications that it can be overwhelming. So, we’ve put together a quick guide with lots of inspiration for personalising your vehicle, both inside and out.

What are the best Land Rover modifications? | Land Rover Specialist | Range Rover Specialist | Land Rover Service in Essed and Hertfordshire

Why should I modify my Land Rover?

There’s a reason why customisation is so popular among Land Rover owners. With everyone from Richard Hammond to the late Prince Philip putting their personal stamp on this classic design. Built on a simple ladder frame chassis and designed with functionality in mind, the Land Rover is a vehicle that lends itself really well to modification. Whether you’re looking to head off-road in a sturdy, modded monster, or up the comfort quotient with some high-end luxury additions. 

Modifying your Land Rover can help you to:

  • express your personality on or off-road
  • get the best out of your vehicle’s performance
  • be more comfortable at the wheel
  • learn more about how your Land Rover works
  • join a worldwide community of Land Rover enthusiasts who are all mad about mods!

Interior Land Rover Modifications

Making interior modifications to your Land Rover is a great way to make yourself at home inside your vehicle. It can be done on any budget, from simply changing the floor mats or altering your steering wheel size, to fitting out an entire bespoke luxury interior. 

Here are some ideas:

  • add more storage space with a cubby box
  • upholster your seats
  • install interior LED lights
  • fit out your Land Rover with space to sleep and turn it into a campervan!

Whatever you want to add to your Land Rover interior, there are a wide range of  Land Rover parts and accessories to choose from.

Exterior Land Rover modifications

Making changes to the outside of your Land Rover lets you express your personality and show other road users what you’re all about! A wide range of exterior modifications are possible, from changing the colour or finish, to upgrading your lights. 

  • Changing the finish of your Land Rover is a quick way to completely change the appearance of your car: choose a matte finish for a practical look, or opt for a pearlescent coat for the ultimate in sparkly style
  • Add a roof rack for extra carrying capacity
  • Fit a towbar so that you can pull a caravan or trailer.

Land Rover performance upgrades

Land Rover performance upgrades can help you get the best out of your vehicle, boosting the power or upgrading your brakes and suspension to enhance performance.

  • upgrade your engine
  • improve the suspension by adding shock absorbers
  • fit a custom exhaust to improve fuel efficiency.

Whatever modifications you make, make sure they are safe!

We can’t emphasise this enough: whatever changes you are making to your Land Rover, it’s vital that you do not risk your safety or that of others on the road. Especially if you are making changes to the brakes or your engine. It is highly advisable to get expert help from a garage, rather than doing it yourself.

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