What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Do you favour a sleek and shiny silver motor – or perhaps a bright red run-around is more your style? The shade of paint you choose for your car can reveal hidden depths to your personality. We take a look under the bonnet of car colour psychology.


White cars convey a pure and pristine impression. And that’s probably backed up by the driver’s disposition! For a white car to remain presentable, it’ll need regular cleaning and maintenance – there’s nowhere for mud and scratches to hide on the pure white paintwork. What does a white car say about its driver? They’re likely to be tidy and organised, with a penchant for keeping everything just so.

Earthy browns and greens

These common Land Rover colours prioritise practicality over being conspicuous. Forgiving of all sorts of scrapes and stains, browns and greens suggest a vehicle owner who likes to get out and about without worrying too much about appearances.


Red cars scream masculinity and speed. Red is traditionally the colour of danger and excitement, so this bright and bold car colour points to a confident alpha driver.


You don’t see too many blue cars on the road these days, and this otherwise popular hue only accounts for around 7-8% of all the cars in Europe. People who choose blue for their vehicle are happy to go against the crowd (but hopefully not while they’re driving!) Lighter blues suggest a cool and calm personality, while darker shades indicate a trustworthy figure.


Silver might once have been considered a futuristic car colour; today, it’s more mainstream. Silver cars are very common on today’s roads, and indicate elegance and sophistication in their owners.


There’s something classic and timeless about a black car. Choosing a black car colour suggests the owner prizes elegance, style and also practicality over all else – this is one shade that’s unlikely to go out of fashion.


If you pass an orange car on the street, you’ll definitely notice it. An orange car colour says a lot about its owner; they’re outgoing individuals who like to stand out from the crowd.

Metallic and pearlescent finishes

Cars with a metallic finish are a little more glamorous and exciting than their matte alternatives. Whether you opt for a futuristic silver sheen, or a flashy, pearlescent white, driving a car with this type of finish shows that appearances matter to you, you’re definitely no shrinking violet, and you’re prepared to pay a premium for your car in order to stand out from the crowd.

Car colour trends

Of course, there are fashions in car colours, like anything else. Back in the 1980s, there was an abundance of red cars on the road. Today, demure shades of white, grey and black are more popular. So if your car colour reflects the prevailing fashion of the day, people might deduce that you’re a trendy driver who likes to keep up with the latest styles. Or, it could simply be that you picked the first car available and didn’t pay much attention to the colour! Ultimately, while your choice of car hue can sometimes be telling, exactly what your car colour says about you isn’t always easy to unravel.

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