What is the difference between the Evoque SE and HSE?

The Range Rover Evoque is a classic model. But if you are looking to buy an Evoque, the different trim levels available can be confusing! In this article we’ll take a look at two popular types of Evoque: the SE and the HSE. We’ll delve into the detail and explore the specifications to help you decide which Evoque is right for you. 

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The Range Rover Evoque SE

If you’re wondering, the SE in Evoque SE stands for Standard Equipment. However, the ‘standard’ for a Range Rover is set impressively high! It’s worth emphasising that the Evoque SE is still a luxury SUV with an array of desirable amenities and features. 

These include: 

  • 16-way heated front seats in grained leather
  • 60/40 rear bench seats with manual recline
  • 5 split-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Premium LED headlights
  • Three-zone climate control
  • Rearview camera

The SE does have a smaller engine and smaller wheels than the HSE; however it is still a great car for long drives and luxury travel. 

The Range Rover Evoque HSE

A step up from the Evoque SE, HSE is short for High Specification Equipment. This means that the Range Rover Evoque HSE is a more luxurious vehicle for both drivers and passengers, with superior specifications including bigger wheels, greater horsepower and a bigger engine. 

The extra features you will find in an HSE include: 

  • Keyless Entry
  • Soft Door Close
  • Drive Package with a suite of safety technology like Blind Spot Monitor, Traffic Sign Recognition, Adaptive Speed Limiter, and Driver Condition Monitor
  • 20-way heated front seats with power recline heated rear seats
  • 12-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels

The Range Rover Evoque HSE is the ideal car if traveling in comfort is a priority for you. It’s perfect for families, and for drivers who regularly do longer journeys.

Finding the right Range Rover Evoque for your needs

Both the SE and the HSE are luxury vehicles that provide a comfortable and relaxing driving experience. 

Here’s a summary that might help you make your decision:

  • Are you on a budget? Perhaps you’re willing to spend enough for a luxury car, but can’t afford to splurge on extras
  • Are you happy to open the boot yourself, rather than having it automated?
  • Do you prioritise value, but still appreciate luxury?

Our verdict: The Range Rover Evoque SE is the perfect choice for you.

  • Do you live for the little luxuries in life, like heated seats?
  • Do you regularly make long journeys and value your comfort while driving?
  • Are you excited about new technologies to make driving easier and safer?

Our verdict: Opt for the Range Rover Evoque HSE.

Range Rover Evoque modifications

If you are still unsure which model you are best suited to, the great thing about Range Rovers is that they are easy to modify so you can add features and amenities that customise and improve your experience. A specialist Land Rover garage can help you to create your perfect, personalised vehicle. 

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