What is the Most Popular Range Rover Model?

Thanks to its unique combination of classic style and pure practicality, the Range Rover is a perennial favourite among drivers. But what’s the most popular Range Rover model? Here we’ll take a look at the bestselling models and what makes them so popular. We’ll also give you some pointers to help you choose the best model for your lifestyle.

What is the most popular Range Rover Model? | Land Rover Specialist | Range Rover Specialist | Land Rover Service in Essed and Hertfordshire

The top-selling Range Rovers

Drum roll please… The most popular Range Rover model in 2020 was the classic Range Rover Evoque, with 37,231 cars sold. But that’s not the only big-selling success story in the Range Rover stable. In 2021, Land Rover celebrated the millionth sale of the Range Rover Sport, first introduced in 2004.

Finding the right Range Rover to suit your lifestyle 

Knowing how many units are shifted doesn’t tell the whole story and certainly doesn’t mean that the model that was right for those 37,231 people will also be the best one for you. So let’s discover which Range Rover models are most popular for different lifestyles.

Range Rovers for families 

With their roomy interiors and comfy seating, all types of Range Rover are favoured by families, especially on long journeys. But coming out at Number 1, the most popular family Range Rover has to be the new Range Rover Evoque. With intuitive technology designed to make life easier when getting directions and streaming audio, it gives frazzled parents a luxury travel experience. 

Range Rovers for off-road driving and country living

Off-road driving demands a specialist set of features, and the Range Rover Sport ticks all the boxes for off-road adventure, with a wading depth of 33.5 inches (great for powering through puddles and streams), plus Electronic Air Suspension with sturdy Land Rover tyres to cushion you over bumpy terrain.

But that’s not all: the Land Rover’s popularity lies in its unique combination of off-road capability and an unrivaled luxury driving experience.

Range Rovers for city living and urban lifestyle

Commuting in the city is a totally different experience from rural driving – so it’s no surprise that the most popular city Range Rover is well-adapted for this task. The Range Rover Evoque seats 5 passengers comfortably; however, it is smaller than some of the other models, making parking and getting around tight, busy roads easier. 

And there’s an exciting development in the pipeline for urban Range Rover enthusiasts. Coming soon in 2024, fully electric Range Rovers will be available, helping city drivers to comply with low emission zones. 

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It can be tricky to decide which Range Rover is right for you. But all Range Rover models are luxury, adaptable cars and are suitable for lots of different purposes. We hope that outlining the most popular Range Rover models has given you some ideas of what vehicle would suit you. You can also modify your vehicle to suit your needs – and we can help with that! 

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