Which range of Land Rover is convertible?

Have you ever dreamt of driving down a country road with all the windows down in the glorious English summertime weather, while Springsteen is playing in the background? Well with the Range Rover Evoque Convertible model, you can do just that! (English weather depending, obviously).

Range Rover Evoque Convertible model in more detail

Land Rover released the convertible range in the back end of 2016 but kept the luxury feel of the Evoque while not compromising on the durability of the highly sophisticated fabric roof. Which uses a Z-Fold mechanism, that when fully folded down gives off a neat final appearance. The automated roof goes down in 18 seconds and can then be re-raised in 21 seconds while going at a maximum of 30mph.

Pros of a convertible Range Rover

An obvious pro is that you have the option to have the roof down on those rare English sunny days. Additionally, the roof is designed for all seasons which means that even on the rainiest and coldest days, you will still be dry and warm. One of the best features in the convertible model is the Roll-Over Protection Device. This creates a survival space for people in the event of the car rolling over. It does this by deploying two aluminium bars that are kept in the rear bodywork. Safety and luxury were not overlooked in the design and it is clear to see.

Cons of a convertible Range Rover

The convertible version is only a 3-door, so this is the first noticeable con if you are someone who wants a 5-door car. Additionally, due to the lack of a hard-top roof, the structural foundation takes a bit of a hit which means when driving over bumpy roads, expect a minor hum. Furthermore, something that is quite surprising is that the convertible version is actually heavier than the original hard-top roof, which means the actual handling of the vehicle is something to consider. 

The maintenance of a convertible

So now you know the pros and cons of the convertible Evoque. However, with all convertibles, there is a whole new side of maintenance that you need to consider as well as the standard running of the car. For example, if on a rare sunny day in England you have your roof down that direct sunlight will take its toll on your interior such as the dashboard and seats which can lead to sun-damaged and cracked surfaces if not maintained properly. This can be maintained by regular leather cleaning for the seats and also using specific dashboard and interior cleaning sprays.

The final point to mention is that on the Land Rover website, it states that automated car washes and jet washes are not recommended due to the potential damage to the roof system. Although there are some automated car washes with equipment to clean convertibles, they are rarer than the usual carwashes.

Where do we go from here…I hear you ask? Well as with everything, it’s down to what you want and personal preference. The convertible version is more expensive but gives you the option to take advantage of those hot summer days. However, the interior will take a hit with exposure to the heat and will eventually wear down.

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