Why a Land Rover is perfect for towing a caravan

If you’re going caravanning this summer, there’s no better car to tow your mobile home than a Land Rover. With the Discovery officially named Tow Car of the Decade in 2016, here’s why the versatile and robust Land Rover is the perfect choice for any caravan getaway.

Designed to tow heavy loads

If there’s one car that was created for towing a heavy load, it’s the Land Rover. With a super-high towing capacity of up to 3500kg, your Land Rover will make easy work of the trickiest towing job. Parking and manoeuvres can be very difficult when you’re towing a caravan or trailer, but the Land Rover’s Advanced Tow Assist system will help you reverse with ease. Available with the latest Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models, Tow Assist makes it simple to reverse park with a trailer, even for drivers who have never towed before.

Roomy interiors

Life in a caravan can be cosy, so it’s good to have a car that has the space for all your holiday essentials. The Land Rover certainly fits the bill, with a well-equipped interior that has ample space for luggage, and can accommodate large families in comfort, with up to seven seats. Even if you’re cramped in your caravan, you’ll be able to stretch out on the road, with luxurious leather seats and an elevated driving position that’s comfortable for all drivers, no matter how long your legs.

Great for bumpy terrain

Built for travelling off-road, your Land Rover is the perfect vehicle to take your caravan off the beaten track. Equipped with a high-tech Terrain Response system, it’s equally at home on or off the road. Tackling speed bumps and potholes with ease, your Land Rover will let you travel through busy built-up streets, change lanes across motorways and navigate remote mud tracks in comfort and style. Great torque and braking allow you to pull your caravan up and down hills and stay in complete control at all times.

Cool and comfortable

When you’re holidaying in a caravan, you’re at the mercy of the elements. Luckily, the Land Rover is one place where you and your family can stay perfectly cool and comfortable, no matter what the weather’s doing outside. An automatic climate control system, paired with sunroof and tinted windows, will let you adjust the temperature inside the car to keep everyone comfortable from A to B on long journeys.

Good value for money

Towing a caravan takes a lot of fuel, so it’s good to know that the Land Rover can handle heavy loads without too much impact on performance. Because it’s built to pull trailers and caravans, the fuel economy of a Land Rover won’t be affected as much as other cars. That said, if you’re looking for even better efficiency, we can help! Pop down to Broadfields and take advantage of our performance and fuel economy upgrade services, before heading out with your caravan this summer.

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