Why Buy a Land Rover?

If you’re looking for a new car and wondering if the Land Rover is for you, it can be a big decision. Being a Land Rover specialist service centre, it’s pretty obvious what we think you should choose! So, why buy a Land Rover? Here are the top reasons why we think Land Rovers come up top!

Stylish design

Good looks are perhaps not the main reason why most people buy a Land Rover, but it’s hard to argue with a design classic. From the old-style Land Rover Defenders to modern-day Land Rover Discovery models, this vehicle is a British icon, driven by everyone from Paul McCartney to Her Majesty the Queen.

And the Land Rover’s stylish design isn’t all about surface appearances. Boasting an interior carefully crafted from premium materials, this is a vehicle that oozes quality and style, both inside and out.


Land Rovers are famed for their practicality. An SUV that’s at equally at home on the farm or the school run, the Land Rover is a versatile vehicle that can be whatever you want it to be. With foldable seats giving you acres of space, you can fit the whole family inside – or alternatively you can pack it to the hilt with holiday luggage or hobby equipment.

When you buy a Land Rover, you can be assured it will come with reliability and maintenance – they’re hard-wearing, sturdy machines that will withstand a lot of use. They’re also very weather-resistant, too. Treated well, maintained in good condition and serviced regularly, your Land Rover will be a constant companion for many years to come.

There are many different Land Rover models on the market to suit your individual needs. So, whether you’re a family or a farmer, there’s a Land Rover out there for you.

Off-road capability

For some Land Rover drivers, it’s all about this vehicle’s fantastic off-road capability. Equipped with everything you need for an off-road adventure, the Land Rover is the classic all-terrain vehicle. Set off across mud, snow or sand and enjoy the awesome power of this vehicle to conquer any terrain. (Or simply get from A to B when poor conditions and snowy roads reduce everyone else to a standstill).

Value for money

The Land Rover is a popular vehicle that is always in demand. In consequence, these wonderful vehicles usually retain most of their value, provided that you give them some TLC. So, buying a Land Rover is a good investment, should you want to sell it on a few years down the line. And of course, second hand models are a great option for new buyers looking for a bargain.

Our two pence worth

Are you convinced yet, about why you should buy a Land Rover? If you’re looking for something practical but stylish that offers space, comfort and good value for money – you won’t find a better vehicle on the market today. If you’re looking for a new model, see our tips for buying a Land Rover Defender. Or for a second hand bargain, check out our tips for buying a second hand Land Rover.

Happy driving!



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