Why Use an Independent Land Rover Specialist?

As a Land Rover owner, you’ll want to maintain your vehicle to the highest standards, without breaking the bank. So finding a reliable and reasonably priced garage will be a top priority. Here’s why an independent Land Rover specialist like Broadfields can provide the knowledge, expertise and professional service you require, all at a competitive price.

A personalised experience

While franchise garages and dealerships have the heft of a big name behind them, independents can offer a much more personalised service. You can expect a friendly team that will take the time to get to know you and your vehicle, listen to your needs and go the extra mile to deliver truly excellent customer service. If you value being greeted by name and welcomed back like an old friend, an independent Land Rover specialist is probably the choice for you.

A direct approach

At an independent Land Rover specialist, you can have direct contact with the person actually working on your vehicle. That’s a big advantage if you have specific questions or just want the peace of mind of knowing who is working on your car. And if we need to get in touch to check something with you, you’ll hear the issue straight from the horse’s mouth. Dealing directly with the technician doing the job will save time on both sides, and help us to get your Land Rover back on the road sooner.

Quality parts at a lower cost

While big dealerships can buy in bulk to reduce costs, they don’t have the same flexibility as an independent garage. To deliver even greater value, an independent Land Rover specialist has the freedom to source parts from other suppliers to lower the cost to the customer even further, whilst still maintaining the high quality you expect.


Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle’s performance, or personalise your Land Rover with added accessories? Official dealerships are limited in the changes they can make to a vehicle, preferring to stick to brand-endorsed products only. An independent Land Rover specialist on the other hand, has the freedom and expertise to supply and fit whatever aftermarket accessories you choose – so you can drive a vehicle that is truly individual.

Convenient and reliable appointments

While some garages have a long waiting list or frustrate their customers by cancelling appointments, independent specialists are more likely to be accommodating with their appointment systems. At Broadfields for example, we can usually get you booked in and seen within a week. And we pride ourselves on honouring your appointment – we won’t call you up and cancel or postpone at the last minute.

Specialist services

An independent Land Rover specialist can offer experienced technicians who know the Land Rover models like the back of their hand. If you’d like to know more about the specialist services on offer at Broadfields, check out our Services page to see how we can help you. It’s also worth keeping up to speed on our special offers, for even better value from your local independent specialist.

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