Land Rover Air Conditioning

Make sure you enjoy the next long hot summer in comfort!

Why is a Land Rover Air Conditioning Service Essential?

Most air conditioning systems will lose around 10% of their refrigeration every 12 months. If not regularly serviced, your system will put a strain on the compressor and components resulting in loss of engine power and reduced fuel economy. So, it is important to get your Land Rover air conditioning serviced alongside your Land Rover Service.

Heating and air conditioning systems will generate condensation, which provides an ideal breeding ground for a build-up of bacteria, spores and germs that cause sore throats, flu-like symptoms and allergies. Whether using for summer cooling or heating in winter, contaminated particles will be blown into the vehicle passenger compartment. These Land Rover air conditioning checks can all be easily achieved as part of the ideal Land Rover maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Good News! To solve this problem and ensure your air conditioning system is working efficiently, book your car in now and take advantage of our Land Rover essential air conditioning service.

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Land Rover air conditioning system

What’s Included in Our Land Rover Air Conditioning Service?

  1. System Pressure Check
  2. Check operation heater controls
  3. Check internal blower speeds
  4. Check Condition of air conditioning switch
  5. Performance test
  6. Check operation of re-circulation flap
  7. Check evaporator for odour
  8. Check operation of condenser / radiator fans
  9. Visually check condenser for leaks, damage and airflow
  10. Check cooling system operation temperature
  11. Visually check air conditioning pipe work for leaks and corrosion
  12. Visually check air conditioning receiver drier/accumulator for leakage
  13. Check compressor mountings for security
  14. Check condition of and security of compressor belt
  15. Check evaporator for leaks
  16. Check evaporator drain tube
  17. Recharge coolant

We have excellent air conditioning services and our customers benefit from the latest R134 machines. We can fully service your system, which includes emptying, cleaning and a full VAC check to test for leaks. The system is then refilled with New Virgin refrigerant and fresh oil and leak tested again. We provide a re-gassing service for most makes of vehicle, not just Land Rovers. As it is illegal to pressurise a system that is known to be leaking, we can leak test your vehicle using Oxygen-free Nitrogen. New virgin refrigerant is used on our re gasses.

How Much Does Our Air Conditioning Service Cost?

Air conditioning service inc vac and re-gas from £45.00 Aborted service due to fault leaks, inc diagnostics £25.00.

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